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Developer Linux News for Aug 17, 2009

  • Best Open Source Projects of All Time (2009-08-17 22:01:43)
    InfoWorld: "InfoWorld's Open Source Hall of Fame recognizes the 36 most useful and important free open source software projects in history"

  • The status of Intel video drivers for Linux (and what it means for your favorite (2009-08-17 21:31:43)
    Distrowatch: "Anyone who reads the Linux technical press, Linux blogs, or the comments section of DistroWatch Weekly knows that there has been a lot of discussion, dissatisfaction, and even anger over the state of Intel video drivers for Linux."

  • Kernel Log – Coming in 2.6.31 - Part 3: Storage and file systems (2009-08-17 21:01:43)
    The H Open: "The Kernel Log is taking the opportunity to continue its series of reports on the major changes in Linux 2.6.31 compared to the current 2.6.30 kernel with an overview of storage and file systems."

  • ES: 'Open source science allows others to get involved' (2009-08-17 19:31:43)
    OSOR.EU: "Researchers at the Spanish University of Granada are publishing as open source their software simulating the human nervous system, saying this is the only way to allow other teams to become involved."

  • Torvalds bashes vendor-sec private Linux security list (2009-08-17 18:31:43)
    Netstat -vat: "Torvalds notes in the 2.6.31 rc6 releases notes that the issue wasn't as bad as it could have been, and that he would have likely delayed the fix were it not for the fact that a private list (vendor-sec), apparently wasn't private after all."

  • Rohde vs Viasat on GPL/LGPL (Viasat GPL violation) (2009-08-17 16:31:43)
    Duff.dk: "I detailed some of my findings on the internet...They decided to put two security investigators on the case and they paid me a visit."

  • Netscape Founder Backs New Browser (2009-08-17 16:01:43)
    NY Times: "Now a prominent Silicon Valley financier, Mr. Andreessen is backing a start-up called RockMelt, staffed with some of his close associates, that is building a new Internet browser, according to people with knowledge of his investment."

  • Faceting in Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server (2009-08-17 15:01:43)
    Packt: "Faceting, after searching, is arguably the second-most valuable feature in Solr. It is perhaps even the most fun you'll have, because you will learn more about your data than with any other feature."

  • CentOS turbulence and enterprise Linux tradeoffs (2009-08-17 13:31:24)
    LWN.net: "Many, many sites depend on CentOS, so anything which threatens the stability of that foundation is certain to raise a number of eyebrows. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at the end of July."

  • Happy Birthday Debian! (2009-08-17 13:01:24)
    Debian News: "Fellow Linuxers, This is just to announce the imminent completion of a brand-new Linux release, which I'm calling the Debian Linux Release."