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Developer Linux News for Aug 19, 2009

  • Code Project: create a media player (2009-08-19 23:02:49)
    TuxRadar: "We're going to take some inspiration from Apple's new iPod Shuffle, and only offer the bare minimum of controls. One button for selecting your music, another button for play and pause, and a third button for skipping to the next track."

  • 10 Awesome Google Chrome JavaScript Experiments (2009-08-19 22:32:49)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "Several months ago, Google launched Chrome Experiments to feature some of the most innovative uses of JavaScript."

  • Linux Kernel Development Speeds Up (2009-08-19 22:02:49)
    InternetNews: "New Linux Foundation report finds that the pace of new code in the open source operating system is growing faster."

  • Microsoft's smartphone market share: sub 10 percent and falling (2009-08-19 17:02:49)
    IT Wire: "According to the latest figures from Canalys, Microsoft is losing share in the smartphone market as the number of platforms proliferates and it now commands less than 10 percent."

  • Who writes Linux: Big Business (2009-08-19 15:14:58)
    Cyber Cynic: "The Linux Foundation has just released a new report on who writes Linux (PDF), and guess what? Linux isn't written by lonely nerds hiding out in their parents' basements. It's written by people working for major companies -- many of them businesses that you probably don't associate with Linux."

  • Fraunhofer Institute on OOXML und ODF (2009-08-19 14:02:42)
    Linux Magazine: "The Fraunhofer Institute has published a whitepaper on the interoperability of Office Open XML (OOXML) and the Open Document Format (ODF). Microsoft had a hand in its development."

  • Seven things Windows 7 can learn from Linux (2009-08-19 13:02:42)
    TechWorld: "Far from it, let's consider the perfect number of moves Redmond can make to take a leaf out of Linux's book – for the benefit of all."

  • South African translators learn how to localise using FOSS (2009-08-19 01:32:42)
    ANLoc: "Two days of ANLoc training by Translate.org.za and Wits Language School has started 10 translators on their road to becoming certified localisers. As part of their training these students will localise a number of open source applications into various South African languages."

  • The Next Snake: What do Python 2.x programmers need to know about Python 3? (2009-08-19 00:02:42)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "...highlights for Python programmers who are thinking about making the switch to 3.x."