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Developer Linux News for Aug 20, 2009

  • Creating an old school shoot'em'up with SDL (2009-08-20 23:04:53)
    Matthew Casperson's Hubfolio: "SDL Tutorials are hosting a game programming competition to create an old school style of shoot'em'up using SDL. I thought I would enter, and write up a tutorial series will show you how to create a shoot'em'up of your own from scratch using SDL and C++."

  • openSUSE to default to KDE (2009-08-20 22:04:53)
    LWN.net: "Therefore, with openSUSE 11.2 release, the KDE desktop will be installed if the user accepts the default setting. Users can also choose the GNOME desktop at this stage."

  • 40 years of Unix (2009-08-20 21:04:53)
    BBC News: "Think then what the Unix operating system deserves because in August 2009, it celebrates its 40th anniversary. And it has been in use every year of those four decades and today is getting more attention than ever before."

  • Fixing Linux (2009-08-20 20:04:53)
    Cyber Cynic: "An old and obscure problem with the gcc compiler was recently discovered to have left a security hole in essentially every version of Linux that anyone is likely to be running. Here's what you need to know about fixing it."

  • ABI compliance checker (2009-08-20 17:04:53)
    Linux Foundation: "ABI-compliance-checker is a lightweight tool for checking backward binary compatibility of shared C/C++ libraries in OS Linux. It checks interface signatures and data type definitions in two library versions (it checks header files along with shared objects) and searches ABI changes that may lead to incompatibility."

  • Working with Ogg Theora and the video tag (2009-08-20 16:34:53)
    Free Software Foundation: "Here is a broad look at Ogg Theora and how it fits into the push for free formats: where we're winning, what works, and what could be improved."

  • Healthcheck - Mono: Too much monkey business (2009-08-20 15:04:53)
    The H Open: "At the turn of this decade Miguel de Icaza was the unblemished hero of the free software movement...Now de Icaza is regarded with suspicion because of his support for Mono. What happened to bring about this change?"

  • Durian is Coming: Blender's Third Open Movie Project (2009-08-20 14:34:53)
    Free Software Magazine: "This time the project is focusing on an adolescent audience with an epic-fantasy setting and a female protagonist (my son aptly dubbed this the "Chicks in Chainmail" genre)."

  • Building a bridge with lines of code (2009-08-20 14:04:53)
    The Star: ""The open-source movement is akin to a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant," he said."