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Developer Linux News for Aug 21, 2009

  • Sixty mobile apps ported to Moblin (2009-08-21 21:34:19)
    Moblin Zone: "Brazilian independent software vendor (ISV) Handcase says it will port about 60 of its PalmOS applications to the Linux-based Moblin operating system."

  • Google Chrome gets 64-bit version, but only for Linux (2009-08-21 15:34:19)
    Netstat -vat: "A 64-bit version of the Google Chrome browser is now ready, but Windows users will still have some time to wait for their version."

  • Windows Mobile is dead, new Linux mobile OS from Samsung (2009-08-21 13:33:53)
    Unwired: "Samsung is, or soon will be a major player on Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. When Samsung gets their own open mobile OS, what will happen to other mobile platforms that it is using?"

  • When the Contribution Model Fails (2009-08-21 13:03:53)
    Questioning the Norm: "Surely if they know about it and it's in their list, i should either do it myself or just be patient? It's a 7 year old feature request."

  • Linux's x86 vitality bodes well for Moblin project (2009-08-21 12:33:53)
    Moblin Zone: "The Linux kernel team is growing, both in total number of developers, and overall productivity, says the Linux Foundation. In its annual "Who Writes Linux" study, the organization attributes the growth to emerging markets including netbooks, auto, and energy. "

  • Kernel contributions: Canonical, where are you? (2009-08-21 09:33:53)
    IT Wire: "Over the past four years, the word Linux has become almost synonymous with Ubuntu; the company behind Ubuntu, Canonical, has proportionately gained an enormous amount of mindshare within the FOSS community."

  • Character Head Modeling in Blender: Part 1 (2009-08-21 05:33:53)
    Packt: "In this two-part tutorial by Jonathan Williamson, we are going to look at how to model a character head in Blender. Along with basic modeling tools we will also focus heavily on good topology and how to create a clean mesh that will deform well during animation."