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Developer Linux News for Aug 25, 2009

  • KDE struggles with feature requests (2009-08-25 20:43:42)
    LWN.net: "Sometimes developers have a prickly relationship with their users. Users may have unrealistic, or overly demanding, requests that can be difficult to respond to. The most vocal of these users are often unwilling to take "no"—or even "not yet"—for an answer. Some KDE developers are currently struggling with that problem, and trying to find ways to smooth the dialog between users and developers."

  • Python add-in for MonoDevelop (2009-08-25 20:02:42)
    Came for the beer, stayed for the Freedom: "I wrote a python add-in for MonoDevelop last year. Unfortunately, I have a hard time sticking to a single project and therefore it suffered a bit. However, we are getting ready for feature freeze for MonoDevelop 2.2 and so I kicked my ars in gear to fix a few things."

  • Much ado about nothing: C# use in open source (2009-08-25 15:03:56)
    IT Wire: "If one were to go by the amount of noise made by pro-Mono people regarding the superiority of the Microsoft clone which they love, one would conclude that C# is the programming language du jour. The reality appears to be somewhat different."

  • Rethinking Empathy in Ubuntu 9.10 (2009-08-25 13:34:43)
    WorksWithU: "the Gnome application Empathy was set to become the default instant-messaging client in Ubuntu 9.10 upon its release October, replacing Pidgin. But Ubuntu developers have been reconsidering that decision in the last few days."

  • How to Set Up a "Site Down for Maintenance" Notice with Apache (2009-08-25 00:04:43)
    Webreference: "In the maintenance mode, Apache will automatically direct all traffic to a maintenance page that you can set up. Let's take a look at how this can be set up."