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Developer Linux News for Aug 27, 2009

  • Free pre-release board from Intel (2009-08-27 23:32:23)
    Intel announcement: "Intel, in conjunction with the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance (Intel® ECA), is accepting customer applications for the Intel® Embedded Pre-release Seed Board Program."

  • Git gets demystified and Subversion control (2009-08-27 23:02:23)
    IBM Developerworks: "Distributed version control systems (DVCSs) offer a number of advantages over centralized VCSs, and for Subversion users looking to explore this model, Git is a great place to start. Using Subversion as a baseline, this first of two articles shows how to install Git, set up a remote repository, and begin using basic Git commands."

  • FSF and GNOME Calling Women of Community (2009-08-27 20:02:23)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNOME Foundation are targeting higher women's participation in the community. The first step is a "mini-summit" on "Women in Free Software.""

  • A Little Empathy For Pidgin (2009-08-27 19:02:23)
    Linux Magazine: "Telepathy is a new framework which provides a means of real-time communication on the Linux desktop. The interface is provided through the D-Bus messaging system, which is available for any application to take advantage of."

  • Microsoft's New Tollgate: exFAT on Flash Media (2009-08-27 18:02:23)
    Linux Today Blog: "What is exFAT and why should you care? Because the SD Card Association made exFAT the standard file system for the new SDXC cards, and because exFAT is a Microsoft filesystem that claims to be like so totally interoperable, but it isn't."

  • Canonical Unveils The Ubuntu Software Store (2009-08-27 17:32:23)
    Phoronix: "Canonical does have some grand plans for the Ubuntu Software Store and in this article we have some screenshots of what it looks like currently and how it functions along with some of their plans for the future."

  • Nokia's First Linux Phone Looks Good (2009-08-27 16:02:55)
    PC World: "After several unofficial leaks, Nokia on Thursday officially unveiled the N900, the company's first Linux phone. It's a good first step to rejuvenate Nokia's smartphone line, but will the N900 have what it takes to go head-to-head with the iPhone and Android Phones?"

  • Compiz 0.9 is nearing a Beta release (2009-08-27 15:44:11)
    Compiz+Fusion: "We are pretty close to a 0.9 Beta now in terms of functionality."

  • Drupal Gains Ground Down Under (2009-08-27 03:04:10)
    Computerworld: "The CMS powers several new high profile websites including the Prime Minister's site, launched last month and designed by Canberra-based company OPC IT and ABC's three digital radio websites – Dig Music, ABC Jazz and ABC Country. Internationally, it is used by organisations as diverse as Obama's administration in the US to Greenpeace to McDonalds."

  • Fedora 12 Alpha Announcement (2009-08-27 00:04:10)
    Fedora: "Fedora 12 "Constantine" Alpha release is available! What's next for the free operating system that shows off the best new technology of tomorrow? You can see the future now at: http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease"