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Developer Linux News for Aug 28, 2009

  • NHIN code-a-thon may change government attitude toward open source (2009-08-28 23:33:33)
    ZDNet: "Tomorrow, the Department of Health and Human Services will host its first “code-a-thon” dedicated to the National Health Information Network and its Connect software"

  • The trouble with discard (2009-08-28 22:33:33)
    LWN.net: "Traditionally, storage devices have managed the blocks of data given to them without being concerned about how the system used those blocks. Increasingly, though, there is value in making more information available to storage devices; in particular, there can be advantages to telling the device when specific blocks no longer contain data of interest to the host system."

  • A Twist In Namespaces: A New Revolution in PHP (2009-08-28 20:03:33)
    PHP Builder: "With PHP5.3--which is in itself a precursor and somewhat of a teaser for PHP 6--comes something rather new to PHP: Namespaces. As object-oriented developers well know, the point of object-oriented development is to remove ambiguity from development and data access items."

  • Slackware Release Announcement (2009-08-28 18:33:33)
    Slackware Linux Project: "Yes it's that time again! After many months of development and careful testing, we are proud to announce the release of Slackware version 13.0!"

  • RMS: 1, Symbolics: 0 (2009-08-28 18:03:33)
    Open...: "As well as provoking the creation of the free software movement, Symbolics has another claim to fame: it was the first registered domain name. Amazingly, only now is that name leaving its original owner:"

  • Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge (2009-08-28 15:33:33)
    The Register: "Novell distinguished engineer James Bottomley believes Linux desktop environments need a dose of open source ingenuity rather than ape ideas from Windows and OS X."