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Developer Linux News for Aug 31, 2009

  • The Global Conference on Open Source will be held in Jakarta on October (2009-08-31 22:33:02)
    GCOS: "Since the signing of Indonesia, Go Open Source! Declaration on June 30 2004, Indonesia aspires to be a leading force in the movement to promote open source. Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS) aims to bring the global open source community together in order to address the growing demand for open source technology in every social spectrum."

  • Open vs. Closed: the iPhone's Future or Folly? (2009-08-31 21:33:02)
    Standards Blog: "The two articles thus nicely make the point that openness is a matter of degree, and also illustrate the fact that the slope is slippery indeed between totalitarian requirements and proprietary decisions over what can, and cannot be done with as important an information, communication, and creation device as a modern smartphone."

  • apache.org downtime - initial report (2009-08-31 19:03:02)
    Apache Software Foundation: "On August 27th, starting at about 18:00 UTC an account used for automated backups for the ApacheCon website hosted on a 3rd party hosting provider was used to upload files to minotaur.apache.org. The account was accessed using SSH key authentication from this host."

  • Installing Perl modules without root access (2009-08-31 08:02:52)
    Perl.jonallen: "local::lib is a Perl module that sets everything up so you can install distributions from CPAN into your home directory. This means you won't need root access, and ensures that anything you install will not interfere with the either the system Perl or any other users."

  • 7 Reasons to Use Debian (2009-08-31 00:02:52)
    Tuxarena: "1. Stable
    Any application needs time to be used and tested enough time in order to make it stable. One of the greatest goals of Debian is stability."