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Developer Linux News for Sep 16, 2009

  • Switching to Linux: A Windows developer´┐Żs view (2009-09-16 22:34:11)
    Anteru's blog: "I was surprised how easy it was to switch from Windows to Linux completely on this project; as I expected a lot of problems..."

  • Linux kernel 2.6.32: virtualization, power management and more drivers (2009-09-16 21:04:11)
    CIO: "Less than a week after Linux kernel 2.6.31 was released, the kernel developers are beginning to submit changes and improvements across virtualization, power management, file systems and device driver code for the upcoming 2.6.32 version."

  • Miguel snuggles closer to Microsoft (2009-09-16 17:04:47)
    IT Wire: "Over the past week, a couple of events have served to highlight the extent to which Novell vice-president Miguel de Icaza is helping Microsoft to implement its strategy of curbing the growth of free and open source software."

  • id Software and Linux (2009-09-16 04:33:09)
    TTimo's blog: "There has been a bit of unrest among Linux gamers about id's commitment to releasing Linux versions of the games we make."

  • Template Driven PHP Architecture (2009-09-16 01:33:09)
    WDVL: "Much thought went into writing the first line of this article. I thought about a lot of things to say that would probably sound smart or at least vaguely intelligent--then I thought better if it. You are here to learn about templating, aren't you? Let's get right to it then."