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Developer Linux News for Sep 17, 2009

  • Open source camera could pave the way for open source hardware (2009-09-17 23:32:46)
    Linux and Open Source: "Mr. Levoy developed the camera so that other computational photographers could help improve the software. His idea is just short of brilliant. And it perfectly illustrates the power of open source. How? Think about it:"

  • First Moblin v2 netbook launches (2009-09-17 20:32:46)
    Moblin Zone: "The first netbook preinstalled with Moblin v2 for Netbooks will likely launch next week, possibly at Intel's Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. Following that, the Moblin Project will release the first milestone release of the Moblin v2 Linux distribution, which began beta testing in May."

  • Cool things with SELinux... Introducing sandbox -X (2009-09-17 19:32:46)
    Dan Walsh: "This allows administrators to take untrusted content, run it through one or more filters, and be able to trust that the content can't cause the filter programs to do evil things. As soon as I released it, I received email asking if It could be used to sandbox Acroread, and I had to say "Sorry, it can't do that"."

  • Intel talks Linux, netbooks and rivalry with ARM (2009-09-17 17:32:46)
    ZDNet UK: "Imad Sousou is the director of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre, which is behind the Moblin project — aimed at providing optimised Linux technology for netbooks and mobile internet devices."

  • None, unknown lead Linux kernel development (2009-09-17 16:02:46)
    451 CAOS Theory: "But what really stands out to me is the leading contributing entity to the Linux kernel: 'none.'"

  • MonoTouch 1.0 goes live (2009-09-17 15:32:46)
    Miguel de Icaza's web log: "Almost a year ago when we released Mono 2.0 for OSX, I asked the readers of this blog to fill a survey to help us understand where we should take Mono."

  • C++ : Understanding pointers (2009-09-17 15:02:46)
    LinuxConfig: "This article is intended to all programing enthusiasts on all levels who do wish to understand pointers in C++ language. All code presented here is not a compiler specific and all examples will be written in plain ANSI C++."

  • Port Report Update, the abilty to follow PortChannels (2009-09-17 12:05:39)
    Linux Dynasty: "Included in this release is the ability to follow EtherChannel aka PortChannel Ports using the Port Agreggation Protocol."

  • LinuxCertified Announces Linux Kernel Internals Training (2009-09-17 09:05:39)
    LinuxPR: LinuxCertified, Inc. announced a two day, hands-on course that provides attendees with experience in creating Linux kernel source code within various subsystems of the Linux kernel.

  • Moblin gains online video editing (2009-09-17 04:35:39)
    Moblin Zone: "Swedish startup JayCut today announced the availability of video editing software for the Moblin technology platform. The Adobe AIR-based "JayCut Mobile" app aims to let netbook and even handheld device users edit video on the go."

  • Exploring Drupal V6 (2009-09-17 00:05:39)
    IBM Developerworks: "Need a Web site? Don't have lots of money for development? Say no more. Drupal is an open source solution that runs everywhere. It has impressive features and its latest incarnation, Drupal V6, is a joy to use. Here's an introduction."