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Developer Linux News for Sep 21, 2009

  • Kernel Log - Devtmpfs in 2.6.32, more discussion about DRBD, new stable kernels (2009-09-21 22:36:36)
    The H Open: "The development of Linux 2.6.32 is in full swing – although the integration of devtmpfs into the main development branch has caused considerable friction."

  • Ubuntu 10.04 : The Lucid Lynx. Shuttleworth says it won't stink (2009-09-21 20:06:36)
    Netstat -vat: "No, I've never seen a drunk Lynx before myself, but then again it's not like I see Lynx's on a regular basis either."

  • From the archives: the best text editors of 2000 (2009-09-21 19:36:36)
    TuxRadar: "Nine years ago, Linux Format magazine printed a group test of the best text editors. We sent a red-shirted colleague down - deep below LXF Towers, way under the execute gym complex, far beneath Nick Veitch's cave, and down on into the archives - where we dug up that group test just for you."

  • POSIX v. reality: A position on O_PONIES (2009-09-21 18:36:36)
    LWN.net: "Sure, programmers (especially operating systems programmers) love their specifications. Clean, well-defined interfaces are a key element of scalable software development. But what is it about file systems, POSIX, and when file data is guaranteed to hit permanent storage that brings out the POSIX fundamentalist in all of us?"

  • Free Linux, Proprietary Linux (2009-09-21 15:06:36)
    Cyber Cynic: "Linux's heart is open source. But, developers can pick and choose how much, if any, proprietary software they want to include in their distribution."

  • Next Ubuntu named "Lucid Lynx". Mark Shuttleworth video here. (2009-09-21 14:06:36)
    ZDNet AU: "Ubuntu patron and founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has detailed plans for the distribution's April 2010 release, codenamed Lucid Lynx."