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Developer Linux News for Sep 22, 2009

  • LD Port Report 1.12 update, Can now Follow CDP neighbors during the report optio (2009-09-22 17:05:49)
    Linux Dynasty: "We are happy to announce the release of Port Report 1.12. In this release, we can now follow CDP Neighbors while using the --report or -r options."

  • DragonFly BSD 2.4 released. It's not FreeBSD anymore (2009-09-22 16:05:49)
    Netstat -vat: "DragonFly BSD 2.4 is now out,including a new 64-bit ISO image, kernel and feature updates"

  • Torvalds Warns Linux is Getting Bloated (2009-09-22 14:35:49)
    InternetNews: "Linux creator says his job has gotten easier as development process has improved but more work needs to be done to improve Linux and reduce bloat."

  • LinuxCon: The Possible Futures of the Linux Desktop (2009-09-22 10:32:55)
    InternetNews: "IBM exec doesn't see Linux as being a drop-in replacement for Microsoft, sees the future in the cloud and virtualization."

  • The Role of Free Software in Education (2009-09-22 07:32:55)
    Groklaw: "On 19 September, we celebrate Software Freedom Day. At tomorrow's Boston gathering, I will have an opportunity to thank the Free Software Foundation on behalf of Sugar Labs for their support. I will also have a chance to tell the story of Sugar, our efforts to help children learn to learn and learn to love and exercise their freedom."

  • Hudzilla Coding Academy: Project Eight (2009-09-22 06:02:55)
    TuxRadar: "Can computers learn? That's a deep question worthy of any philosopher's time, but we're not philosophers: we're coders, right? So, rather than try to prove or disprove what exactly a computer is capable of, we're going to pass away an idle hour or two producing a little game that actually does make computers learn - or at least gives the impression!"