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Developer Linux News for Sep 24, 2009

  • NULL pointer errors are still common in Open Source software (2009-09-24 15:40:08)
    InternetNews: "Latest Coverity Scan report shows lower defect densities but NULL pointer errors are still common"

  • Red Hat CEO vs. Torvalds: More Linux features don't equate to bloat (2009-09-24 15:04:35)
    ZDNet: "Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst disagreed with Linus Torvalds' contention that Linux has become bloated. Whitehurst said that Linux is growing and becoming more full-featured. The bloat will come when features are added that no one wants."

  • Linux vs. Windows 7: A Chat with Microsoft (2009-09-24 14:04:35)
    Network World: "They key question I had for them is why anyone would use a Microsoft OS for embedded applications when Linux is free - and depending upon the specific distribution, quite robust, open source, and familiar to essentially every computer-science graduate on the planet these days."

  • Developing an Application in Symfony 1.3 (2009-09-24 10:32:43)
    Packt: "Developing an application in Symfony is easy and time-saving, and one of the best ways to demonstrate that is to create a web site. By the end of this article by Tim Bowler, we will have an initial prototype, which will serve as a starting point."

  • Big Win for GNU GPL in France (2009-09-24 04:32:43)
    Open...: "One of the fallback positions for purveyors of FUD is that the GNU GPL may not be valid, because it hasn't been properly tested in court. That's getting increasingly implausible as a stance. After being upheld in Germany a few times, here's a big decision in its favour in France:"

  • Firefox tidies up with Office 2007's Ribbon (2009-09-24 01:32:43)
    PC Pro: "Mozilla has announced that it plans to bring Office 2007's Ribbon interface to Firefox, as it looks to tidy up the cluttered browser."

  • Learn Asterisk with a Fast Start Course (2009-09-24 00:02:43)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Asterisk bills itself as "the world's leading open source PBX, telephony engine, and telephony applications toolkit." You can use it as the basis of a fully featured, enterprise-class phone system in your organization."