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Developer Linux News for Sep 29, 2009

  • Why Software is not treated fairly (2009-09-29 21:04:58)
    My Gnu/Linux: "This is unfair because many freedoms that you have when you buy other items are taken away simply because they managed to convince the rest of the world that this it is how it’s suppose to work and there is no other way."

  • My ongoing Kafka-esque nightmare of dealing with Palm (2009-09-29 19:04:58)
    JWZ: "My ongoing Kafka-esque nightmare of dealing with Palm and their App Catalog submission process."

  • NVIDIA Publicly Releases Its OpenCL Linux Drivers (2009-09-29 17:04:58)
    Phoronix: "It's been no secret that NVIDIA has been working on an OpenCL Linux driver for their graphics processors just as AMD has been doing, but up until now their beta drivers were only available to registered NVIDIA developers"

  • How Will Users React to GNOME 3.0? (2009-09-29 15:34:58)
    Datamation: "GNOME 2.28 was supposed to preview GNOME 3.0. But it hasn't quite turned out that way, and whether what is visible will leave users eagerly anticipating or uneasy and rebellious is still anybody's guess."

  • Linux and the Licensing Two-Step (2009-09-29 15:04:58)
    CertCities: "When it comes to writing Linux applications, there are two licenses you need to be aware of: the GPL and the LGPL."

  • Codeplex Foundation Motivations Revealed (2009-09-29 14:34:58)
    Mono NoNo: "In responding to the devastating criticism of the Codeplex Foundation’s fundamentally flawed organization and the high skepticism of its motives, Mr. Ramji revealed a bit of the true motives behind the Codeplex Foundation:"

  • Google throws the �open� out of �open-source� by shutting down Android mod (2009-09-29 12:34:58)
    ThinkDigit: "And now, the company has gone ahead and issued a 'Cease and Desist' (C&D) order to one of the most popular Android mods around, CyanogenMod."

  • Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS) will be held in Jakarta, on 26-27 Octobe (2009-09-29 06:04:58)
    GCOS: "Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS) aims to bring the global open source community together in order to address the growing demand for open source technology in every social spectrum."

  • Fat or Fit? The Penguin's Bulging Waistline (2009-09-29 04:34:58)
    Linux Blog Safari: "Bearded or bloated -- or both? LinuxCon was a hugely satisfying event for many conference attendees, but it also brought out some discontent."