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Developer Linux News for Sep 30, 2009

  • LinuxCon: the Good, the Bad, and the Nerdy (2009-09-30 21:02:27)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "LinuxCon's focus is technical, designed to provide a collaboration and education space for everything Linux. The Linux Foundation organizes many summits and small conferences, but LinuxCon is its first large multi-topic conference."

  • Why Open Source is not Magic Pixie Dust, Part 284 (2009-09-30 20:02:27)
    Open Enterprise: "Here, then, was the first – and for a while, the most successful – Internet company, giving away what many had regarded as its crown jewels."

  • Does Silverlight on Linux matter? (2009-09-30 18:02:27)
    Netstat -vat: "During the Intel Developer Forum this week, Microsoft announced that it was planning on delivering its Silverlight media for Intel's Moblin Linux."

  • Mozilla opposes Google Chrome Frame. No soup for you. (2009-09-30 15:32:27)
    Netstat -vat: "Microsoft and Mozilla are two organizations that tend not to agree on many different topics. When it comes to Google's Chrome Frame, it's a different story."

  • Kicking tires in the Moblin Garage (2009-09-30 15:02:27)
    Moblin Zone: "The Moblin Garage and App Installer aim to help users to find and install both free and commercial apps. The initial implementation appears promising."

  • Linux Is Bloated. Does Anyone Care? (2009-09-30 13:03:21)
    Serverwatch: "Walk through a shopping mall in any town you care to mention, and you're sure to see muffin tops — those mounds of excess flab bulging out of the tops of men's and women's pants."

  • Should Operating Systems Be Intuitive? (2009-09-30 04:33:21)
    Linux Blog Safari: "How do operating systems and breastfeeding figure in the same discussion? One is intuitive and the other isn't -- or neither is, or both ought to be, depending on your point of view"

  • HowTo Manage your networked devices using Python and Pexpect (2009-09-30 03:03:21)
    Linux Dynasty: "This is my first release of ldNetDeviceManager.py. The ldNetManager.py tool gives you the ability to manage your network devices with out having to purchase a product like Cisco's LMS"

  • Mark Shuttleworth's Community Has No Women (2009-09-30 01:33:21)
    Linux Today Blog: "But it has a number of fatal flaws. Mr. Shuttleworth didn't make just a couple of careless comments; the recurring theme all through his talk was "Guys are the cool techies, girls are not."