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Developer Linux News for Oct 12, 2009

  • Can open source stop navel gazing and get real? (Oct 12, 2009, 22:33)
    The Open Road: "Enterprises and other users deploy open-source software because it works. For those of us in the open-source vendor community, however, too often we waste time talking about issues that have relatively little resonance for the vast majority of users."

  • KDE Costs 175 Million Dollars (Oct 12, 2009, 19:03)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The official KDE Project currently consists of 4.2 million lines of code. Cornelius Schumacher has applied the lines to individual projects and published the stats."

  • Nokia ports Qt to Maemo 5 (Oct 12, 2009, 18:03)
    The Inquirer: "NOKIA HAS CREATED a port for the Qt cross-platform framework to Maemo 5 in a bid to help developers create applications for the N900."

  • Linux lets TV news crews rove more freely (Oct 12, 2009, 17:33)
    Moblin Zone blog: "The $50K LiveEdge device is touted as a cost-saving, more flexible alternative to the $500K microwave trucks commonly used today."

  • Don't Be Evil Means Don't Be Evil (Oct 12, 2009, 17:03)
    Linux Journal: "In a move pulled straight from a sitcom script, Developer Advocate David McLaughlin accidentally alerted the world that the company was holding out on the community, providing up-to-date software development kits to contest participants while leaving Open Source developers in the lurch."

  • FOSS compliance engineering in the embedded industry (Oct 12, 2009, 16:33) "This article examines a field called compliance engineering. Compliance engineering was pioneered by technical experts who wanted to address misuses of software, and was made famous by, FSF, and similar organizations correcting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license violations."

  • 'Frankencamera': A Giant Leap For Digital Photos? (Oct 12, 2009, 13:33)
    NPR: "It's big. It's ugly. And it's made from recycled parts, at least for now. It's called the "Frankencamera" — and it might someday change the way you take pictures."

  • Wine development release 1.1.31 is now available (Oct 12, 2009, 08:03)
    WineHQ: "What's new in this release (see below for details):... Several sound driver fixes, Beginning of ActiveX support in JScript."

  • Mandriva Linux 2010 RC2 is available now for tests (Oct 12, 2009, 04:03)
    The Official Mandriva Blog: "Mandriva Linux 2010 RC2, last development version, is now available on public mirrors."