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Developer Linux News for Nov 13, 2009

  • Drupal Wins First Inaugural Packt Hall of Fame Award (Nov 13, 2009, 23:04)
    CMW Wire: "This week Packt is announcing one new award winner a day. Already they've revealed that Drupal won Best Open Source PHP CMS "

  • An Explanation of Computation Theory for Lawyers (Nov 13, 2009, 21:04)
    Groklaw: "If I had to describe the fairly universal geek reaction to the oral argument at the US Supreme Court on Monday in In Re Bilski, I would have to say it's a worry that some of the participants didn't seem to understand computers or the tech behind software very well."

  • HookSafe Protects Kernel from Rootkits (Nov 13, 2009, 19:04)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "A research group in the computer sciences faculty at North Carolina State University has written a prototype to prevent rootkits from manipulating kernel object hooks to do their damage."

  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.32 (Part 2) - Graphics (Nov 13, 2009, 17:34)
    The H Open: "Earlier this month, Linus Torvalds released 2.6.32-rc6 – due to the Kernel Summit, RC6 was not released the usual week after RC5, but two weeks after."

  • Is Ubuntu broken? (Nov 13, 2009, 17:04)
    Tech-No-Media: "Are there really that many regressions and instabilities with the latest releases of Ubuntu? Probably! Should we accept that in a production OS? No, but there is something that a many people tend to forget: the primary objective of these interim releases is not stability."

  • Mozilla Jetpack Gets an Update (Nov 13, 2009, 16:34)
    Linux Magazine: "Mozilla Labs is continuing in its quest to make it as easy to extend the browser as it is to write a Web page. The latest update to Jetpack came out this week, and brought a few new APIs and a gallery of community contributed Jetpacks."

  • Code Project: control Digg with Python (Nov 13, 2009, 13:34)
    TuxRadar: "Everyone knows that Digg is a hugely popular social news website where like-minded folks gather and flame each other to death. But if you're a Digg user and want to flex your coding skills to get a little more from the site, we've got the perfect code project for you: we're going to show you how to write a Python app to read Digg submissions and geo-locate them using GeoIP."

  • FFmbc - A Broadcast Media Alternative to FFmpeg (Nov 13, 2009, 10:34)
    Stream #0: " FFmbc (FFMedia Broadcast) is an off-shoot of the FFmpeg project that is targeted squarely at the broadcast media world. The project while still in its infancy, but available for around 6 months already, is currently at release version 0.2."