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Developer Linux News for Dec 10, 2009

  • Looking for newbies that want to learn Python (Dec 10, 2009, 22:32)
    The Maemo: "This is a Python tutorial that tries to touch on most areas of the Python language, but attempts to be very simple so that people who have never done any sort of programming can grasp it."

  • Linux kernel vulnerabilities closed (Dec 10, 2009, 21:32)
    The H Open: "Several Linux distributors are releasing updated kernel packages to close security holes in the kernel."

  • Fedora Switching From CVS To Git (Dec 10, 2009, 21:02)
    Phoronix: "Package source control for Fedora has relied upon CVS since the inception of this Red Hat Linux distribution, but it's soon going to switch over to using Git instead."

  • Google Revs Web Development With Open Source GWT 2.0 (Dec 10, 2009, 20:32) "Key to Google's Web application development effort is its Google Web Tools (GWT) applications, which became open source in 2006. This week, Google debuted GWT 2.0, which provides new developer workflow improvements as well performance enhancements."

  • Google Chrome 4.0 Beta for Linux Arrives (Dec 10, 2009, 19:02)
    Softpedia: "Just in time for holidays, the wonderful developers at Google announced a few minutes ago that the Chrome browser for Linux is finally in a beta state and has been added on the official Chrome website for download!"

  • KDE 4.4 Beta: Incremental Doesn't Mean Directionless (Dec 10, 2009, 16:32)
    Datamation: "Incremental releases for large projects are often grab bags of unrelated features. However, KDE SC 4.4 beta 1 (aka KDE 4.3.80) is a welcome exception to the rule."

  • Google Goggles Gives Android Users Bragging Rights (Dec 10, 2009, 15:32)
    Daniweb: "Google announced Google Googles yesterday, an application that uses the camera in your Android-powered phone to take a picture, conduct a visual search, then return results"

  • What do Interpreted Programming Languages have in Common? Part II (Dec 10, 2009, 15:02)
    A Million Chimpanzees: "In our last episode (sorry, couldn't resist), we left off with Arrays and Booleans. The tutorial picks up with methods of flow control."

  • Why The Crunchpad Didn't Pencil Out (Dec 10, 2009, 12:47)
    Forbes: "Ignore the soap opera. The real problem is simple: How do you compete with free?"

  • GNOME 3: The Future of the Linux Desktop Revealed (Dec 10, 2009, 12:02)
    Linux Planet: "For many Linux desktop users, GNOME is their home. But it's a home that's in the process of a major renovation. In a session at the FUDcon Fedora Linux user and developer conference this week, contributors showed off some preliminary work for GNOME 3, the next major evolution of the GNOME platform."

  • Zemlin: 'Industry transformation depends on Linux' (Q&A) (Dec 10, 2009, 06:02)
    The Open Road: "Most businesses would die without centralized marketing and operations. The Linux kernel, however, thrives under this model."

  • Pandora Game Console / Handheld PC Nears Launch (Dec 10, 2009, 04:32)
    eHome: "This is kind of exciting — in a geeky sort of way. The open source Pandora handheld is just about ready to launch judging by the latest demo videos posted on the project’s blog."

  • From Open Source to Open Hardware (Dec 10, 2009, 03:02)
    Computerworld UK: "This column mainly talks about open source software, for the simple reason that code dominates the world of openness. But open source hardware does exist, albeit in a very early, rudimentary form."

  • Can Mozilla pull another Firefox with e-mail? (Dec 10, 2009, 01:32)
    The Open Road: "Oddly, given the ubiquity of e-mail, we've never seen a really good open-source e-mail client. Mozilla wants to change that with Thunderbird."