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Developer Linux News for Jan 15, 2010

  • Firefox 3.7 dumped in favour of feature updates (2010-01-15 23:02:05)
    PC Pro: "Mozilla has dumped Firefox 3.7 from the release schedule, replacing it with regular features updates for version 3.6 of the browser."

  • New GSM encryption cracked (2010-01-15 19:32:05)
    Computerworld: "An encryption algorithm designed to protect calls on GSM phones has been broken by three cryptographers using only a dual-core, Intel -based Dell Latitude PC running Linux."

  • Intel's Busy 2010 Includes 32nm Ramp Up (2010-01-15 18:32:05)
    Internet News: "Intel said consumer demand has returned and it expects there will also be an uptick in business computing buying this year. That's good news for all of the hardware vendors that use Intel chips."

  • The best Linux file system of all? (2010-01-15 18:02:05)
    Cyber Cynic: "Now, Google, which knows a thing or two about fast systems has decided that, for their purposes anyway, Ext4 is the best and close to the fastest file system of all."

  • Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 Removes HAL (2010-01-15 17:32:05)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The development of Ubuntu 10.04 is taking another turn. Lucid Lynx now has a second alpha version that gets rid of HAL. "

  • KDE team removes support for underscore, starts enforcing STD3 from RFC1122 (2010-01-15 15:32:05)
    Two or More: "Interestingly, the latest build of KDE 4 (4.3.90 aka 4.4 RC1) no longer supports the underscore character in host names."

  • Hobby OS Development 512 Byte Bootsector Competition (2010-01-15 07:32:35)
    OSDev: "Implement in no more than 512 bytes a bootsector that will work on BOTH FAT12 and FAT16 formatted media. The bootsector must detect at runtime which filesystem type it is running on and act appropriately."