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Developer Linux News for Jan 19, 2010

  • Cold War at the Eighth KDE PIM Gathering (2010-01-19 21:04:27)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The eighth annual KDE PIM developer meeting in Osnabrück, Germany started out with an extended snowball fight among the Scottish, German and Dutch contingencies."

  • ReactOS May Begin Heavily Using Wine Code (2010-01-19 19:04:27)
    Phoronix: "While we don't normally talk much about ReactOS, the free software operating system that was started some twelve years ago to provide binary compatible with Windows NT, there is a new proposal to abandon much of its Win32 subsystem that has built up over the past decade and to create a new Windows subsystem that in large part is derived from Wine code"

  • Arduino hardware hacking: Part 3 (2010-01-19 18:34:27)
    TuxRadar: "In this, part three, we're going to build on what we already created and add another important feature - sound! So, get the hardware out, make some coffee, and prepare for some hardware hacking fun."

  • UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue176 (2010-01-19 18:04:27)
    Ubuntu: "Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #176 for the week January 10th - January 16th, 2010. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx Alpha 2, Ubuntu Developer Week, Ubuntu User Day, new Ubuntu Women leadership, and Free Culture Showcase."

  • LCA 2010: Wanna kill a FOSS community? (2010-01-19 17:34:27)
    IT Wire: " Berkus' talk, at the "Business in Open Source" mini-conference this morning, was titled "Ten ways to destroy your community" and described in detail how a proprietary company could go about killing an open source community which it had acquired."

  • Intel Does Not Have Any Competitive Advantages � ARM (2010-01-19 16:34:27)
    Xbit Labs: "Many believe that going forward Intel will have a lot more opportunities to create powerful chips for ultra mobile applications, but the chief executive of ARM claims that in reality the giant chipmaker does not have any advantages."

  • Are There Enough Smart Developers for Google? (2010-01-19 14:34:27)
    Datamation: "A deer in the headlights. That's what most developers would feel like during an interview with Google."

  • Benchmarking Debian's GNU/kFreeBSD (2010-01-19 13:04:27)
    Phoronix: "There has been an effort underway within the Debian development community to pull the FreeBSD kernel within this distribution to provide an alternative to using the Linux kernel"

  • Linux.conf.au: Latest Linux kernel release due early March (with Nvidia drivers) (2010-01-19 12:34:27)
    Linux.conf.au: "The latest release of the Linux kernel, 2.6.33 is expected to be out by the beginning of March and among its new features is a reverse-engineered driver for Nvidia graphics chipset"