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Developer Linux News for Jan 21, 2010

  • Skype for Linux 2.1 Beta 2 adds screen sharing (2010-01-21 23:32:13)
    The H Open: "Nearly five months after the release of the first beta, the Skype for Linux developers have announced the availability of the second beta for version 2.1 of their Linux Skype client."

  • Selenium Gets Some Sauce for Open Source Testing (2010-01-21 20:55:15)
    Developer.com: "As increasing numbers of applications move online, the need for functional cross-browser testing continues to grow, which is good news for the open source Selenium project—a popular automated application testing tool with nearly 3 million downloads to date."

  • Microsoft to Mobile Customers: Choice is a Bad Thing (and Linux will Lose) (2010-01-21 20:32:13)
    Jim Zemlin's Blog: "Last week, David Coursey reported that Microsoft entertainment and devices boss Robbie Bach made the prediction in an analyst briefing that Linux on mobile will lose. Why? It’s choice is a bad thing for customers and that there is too much Linux in the mobile marketplace"

  • Firefox 3.6 Boosts Speed, Tabs, HTML 5 and CSS (2010-01-21 20:02:13)
    Linux Planet: "Six months after the last big Firefox release, Mozilla today is rolling out Firefox 3.6. The new browser, which began its life under the codename Namaroka", includes numerous enhancement over its predecessor, Firefox 3.5."

  • Speculating on page faults (2010-01-21 18:32:13)
    Linux Weekly News: "Improving the performance of the kernel is generally a good thing to do; that is why many of our best developers have put considerable amounts of time into optimization work. One area which has recently seen some attention is in the handling of soft page faults."

  • Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software (2010-01-21 12:32:13)
    ars Technica: "What followed that afternoon was an interview that was so candid, in-depth, and informative about not just Chrome OS, but about the present and future of the Web as a distributed application platform, that we chose to sit on the results until the holiday and CES madness had passed. So, in this brief pause between CES and the coming iSlate hysteria, we present our Chrome OS interview."

  • From India with code (2010-01-21 07:32:13)
    IT Wire: "With its massive pool of programming talent, it is no wonder that India has taken pride of place among the countries competing to attract IT outsourcing."

  • Are you ready for an open source car? (2010-01-21 01:32:13)
    Network World: "Software isn't the only thing open; open source could change the auto game"