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Developer Linux News for Mar 19, 2010

  • 4K-sector drives and Linux (Mar 19, 2010, 18:04) "Recently, there have been a number of reports that Linux is not ready to work with these drives; kernel developer Tejun Heo even posted an extensive, worth-reading summary stating that "4 KiB logical sector support is broken in both the kernel and partitioners.""

  • Microsoft says its contentious relationship with open source is changing (Mar 19, 2010, 17:04)
    IT World: "At OSBC, a company exec noted that Microsoft relies upon a diverse ecosystem that includes open source to satisfy customers"

  • What's been going on with Ardour? (Mar 19, 2010, 15:34)
    Ardour: "There hasn't been much news posted here for a while, so I thought it was appropriate to update subscribers and other supporters of my work on Ardour on what has been going on."

  • A rich web interface for mailing lists (Mar 19, 2010, 14:34)
    Máirín Duffy: "Luke Macken and I had a little mini hackfest today on improving collaboration in Fedora. This is an idea we came up with this afternoon and I mocked up most of it on the bus ride home tonight."

  • Tim O'Reilly: 'Whole Web' is the OS of the future (Mar 19, 2010, 12:04)
    The Open Road: "Open-source developers and businesses are focused on the wrong opportunity, according to industry luminary Tim O'Reilly. The future isn't programming for Linux or MySQL. The future is programming for the "whole Web.""