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Developer Linux News for Apr 09, 2010

  • WebKit 2 and Firefox Lorentz Going 'Out of Process' (Apr 09, 2010, 22:34)
    Datamation: "Browser vendors are always trying to improve the stability of their platforms. One key approach being adopted by multiple browser vendors is to take plugins out of the regular browser process and isolate them."

  • One Application, Five Screens (Including the iPad) (Apr 09, 2010, 21:34)
    Christian Cantrell: "This morning, I was able to validate a concept I've been working on for a couple of weeks now: running one application — completely unchanged — on five different screens:"

  • Concerns Over Merging Drivers Back Into The X Server (Apr 09, 2010, 13:04)
    Phoronix: "While development efforts within the X.Org community are now ramping up for the release of X Server 1.9 that should arrive in August, there is an ongoing discussion concerning a planned long-term change for the X Server: pulling the drivers back in."

  • Free Software is not only GNU (Apr 09, 2010, 12:04)
    Flameeyes: "I don’t try to hide the fact that I think that FSF’s continuous stress over “GNU/Linux” is a huge ego stroke toward GNU that tries to deny that there is other Free Software beside GNU."

  • Installation and Getting Started with Firebug (Apr 09, 2010, 03:04)
    Packt: "Firebug is a free, open source tool that is available as a Mozilla Firefox extension, and allows debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript."