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Developer Linux News for Jul 16, 2010

  • Editor's Note: What Good is it if They Don't Know it's Linux? (2010-07-16 23:05:54)
    Just like Marcel Gagne said, stop apologizing for Linux! "Invisible Linux" is a loser strategy, and it's insulting.

  • FreeType 2.4 now free from patent restrictions (2010-07-16 21:06:54)
    The H Open: "The most important change is probably the demise of legal hurdles to using the bytecode interpreter for TrueType fonts. The interpreter significantly improves representation of TrueType fonts, but had been under patent protection."

  • A considered future for OpenSolaris (2010-07-16 20:06:54)
    Computerworld UK: "At a meeting with an unusually large number of community observers, we discussed how to respond to the 100% radio silence the OGB has experienced from the new owners of the OpenSolaris copyright and infrastructure."

  • Using Internet data in Android applications (2010-07-16 19:06:54)
    IBM Developerworks: "Many of your Android applications will need to interact with Internet data, which comes in a variety of formats. In this article, build an Android application that works with two popular data formats—XML and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)—as well as the more exotic protocol buffers format from Google."

  • Python4Kids: New Tutorial: Variables and Stuff (2010-07-16 18:36:54)
    Python Tutorials for Kids: "In some of the earlier tutorials I've been using variables without actually explaining what they are. Strict Python-Zen: within Python there are no variables everything is an object*."

  • At Least Motorola Admits It (2010-07-16 18:06:54)
    Bradley M. Kuhn: "I appreciate the fact that Fraleigh and Motorola are honest in their disdain for software developers. Unlike Apple — who tries to hide how developer-unfriendly its mobile platform is — Motorola readily admits that they seek to leave developers as helpless as possible"

  • MediaWiki and Script Translation for the Morevna Project (2010-07-16 16:36:54)
    Free Software Magazine: "Making Movies with Free Software-- This article is part of an on-going series on the challenges I've faced in producing two free-licensed movies, Marya Morevna, through the Morevna Project and Lunatics"

  • Revoutionary Desktop Switching: An Analysis (2010-07-16 14:36:54)
    Open SUSE Revolution: "This is an old favorite of mine. Here is the problem, switching desktops on a linux machine with or without compiz is not intuitive. Why? because it is related to some window keys Ctrl+Alt+Right or Left Arrow, it is a secondary menu, or it depends on the mouse being at the corner of the window."

  • ´┐ŻNight vision´┐Ż hack on some Android phones almost doubles battery life (2010-07-16 07:36:54)
    TNW Mobile: "Developer Jeff Sharkey has come up with an Android hack for OLED display phones (Nexus One, Incredible, etc) that he claims almost doubles battery life: go into "night vision" mode by filtering "separate pixel elements for each color channel" so that only one color shows at a time"

  • FSF developing social networking software (2010-07-16 06:06:54)
    IT Wire: "Social networks are all the rage today and with that in mind, the FSF is driving the creation of social networking software which should provide similar functionality to Facebook with two important differences - privacy and freedom are in the user's hands."

  • Using qDebug (2010-07-16 04:36:54)
    Linux Journal: "GUI debuggers are the norm these days, however, I still feel the urge to do a little printf-debugging now and then. It might be wrong, it might be silly but it works."

  • T2 System Development Environment 8.0 arrives (2010-07-16 01:36:54)
    The H Open: "After several years of development, German T2 creator Rene Rebe has announced the release of version 8.0 of his cross compiling Linux distribution System Development Environment (SDE), T2 SDE."