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Developer Linux News for Jul 19, 2010

  • Mozilla Would Like to Pick Your Brain - Revising the MPL (2010-07-19 23:36:17)
    Groklaw: "In the good old days, the community might have gotten into flame wars, but that was the worst that happened. Litigation was virtually unknown. Competition was by writing the best code, creating the most flourishing community, not by dirty tricks and using courts to crush a competitor. It's the proprietary software folks who designed that template."

  • Teaching Special Kids How to Write Simple Sentences and Paragraphs using Moodle (2010-07-19 22:06:20)
    Packt: "We can guide children to write simple sentences and paragraphs by creating different kinds of activities. Additionally, we can use many different applications to allow the student to record the sentence instead of writing"

  • Python4Kids: New Tutorial: WhyPy (2010-07-19 20:36:20)
    Python4Kids: "Ultimately, the reason these tutes are on Python is because Python rocks!!, and it rocks in so many ways: For a start, the Python language is extremely, sublimely beautiful."

  • Rackspace, NASA launch OpenStack: Can it prevent cloud lock-in? (2010-07-19 18:06:20)
    ZDNet: "Rackspace on Monday launched OpenStack, an open source cloud computing operating system, designed to take on the likes of VMware's vSphere and Microsoft's Azure. NASA, Citrix and Dell are among the key partners."

  • today's 30 minute hacks (2010-07-19 14:06:44)
    aseigo: "I ended up taking two "breaks" during the day today to do "30 minute hacks". This is where I do something in the codebase that may or may not end up being useful but which I find interesting to try out, keeping the exercise to a length of 30 minutes or less."