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Developer Linux News for Jul 22, 2010

  • Can one sponsor sustain a FOSS project on the long term? (2010-07-22 22:06:39)
    FOSSbazaar: "These days I am receiving quite a number of mails that ask the same question: If a FOSS project is sponsored by only one company or entity, do you think it's a healthy project?"

  • FCam adds RAW and HDR capture to Nokia N900 (2010-07-22 21:55:35)
    Slash Gear: "Mobile photography could get a shot in the arm thanks to the combined efforts of Stanford University researchers and Nokia Research, who have pushed a new open-source digital photography platform out the door."

  • The Android Mobile Development Platform: A Reference Guide (2010-07-22 21:06:39)
    Developer.com: "Android, an open source mobile platform with no upfront fees, has emerged as a new mobile development option that offers many benefits over competing platforms. But is it right for your project? In this reference guide, you'll learn all the nitty-gritty details you need to know to evaluate Android..."

  • Cool User File Systems: ArchiveMount (2010-07-22 20:06:39)
    Linux Magazine: "Have you ever wanted to look inside a tar.gz file but without expanding it? Have you ever wanted to just dump files in a .tar.gz file without having to organize it and periodically tar and gzip this data?"

  • Distributed Agent Based Modeling (2010-07-22 18:36:39)
    Linux Journal: "What is agent-based modeling, otherwise known as ABM? What is distributed computing? Why do it?"

  • Google cracks open Android's closed development (2010-07-22 16:36:39)
    The Register: "Google will crack open more of Android's development process but keep new versions of its mobile OS closed for competitive reasons."

  • OSCON: Open Source Lazy About Social Web Services (2010-07-22 13:36:39)
    PC World: "While open-source coders have done a remarkable job of providing a complete open-source software stack, they haven't kept up with the emergence of Web services, charges an executive from a prominent open-source foundation."

  • Drupal looks beyond open source zealots (2010-07-22 12:06:39)
    The Register: "Every few years, Drupal violates done of the industry's most sacred rules: don't break your APIs."

  • Why I'm Reinventing Disqus (2010-07-22 03:06:39)
    tildehash:~# : "Why am I reinventing Disqus? That is the question I've been getting asked since I "announced" on Identi.ca that I'd be replacing Disqus with a free (AGPL) comment system that I was to write. Well, I am not the inventor of Disqus, so technically I can't reinvent something I didn't forehand invent."

  • Finding Free Music for a Free Film with Jamendo, VLC, and K3B (2010-07-22 01:36:39)
    Free Software Magazine: "One of the great advantages of using a free license for a work is that you can re-use a growing body of free-licensed source material to help you do it. But it can seem a little daunting to find the material that you both want and can legally use."

  • Add your own GIMP features (2010-07-22 00:06:39)
    IBM Developerworks: "In this article, you will learn how to get started with the GIMP code, how to build the project from the Git repositories, and how to find your way around the code tree. And you will build an example application that creates a whole new painting tool for the program."