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Developer Linux News for Jul 23, 2010

  • Taking webm for a Spin (2010-07-23 22:34:41)
    Montana Linux: "I first blogged about webm the day Google released it. It has taken some time but now I have full support for webm in my preferred Linux desktop distro (Fedora 13). I've been doing some testing and I have to say I'm impressed."

  • Indian Government announces $35 laptop (2010-07-23 20:04:41)
    The Inquirer: "THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT has cooked up a $35 touchscreen laptop pitched at students."

  • Why WordPress Themes are Derivative of WordPress (2010-07-23 14:34:41)
    Mark on WordPress: "It is the position of the WordPress core developers that themes cannot be considered wholly original creations even when they don't copy large sections of code in from WordPress. Theme code necessarily derives from WordPress and thus must be licensed under the GPL if it is distributed."

  • New 'Kraken' GSM-cracking software is released (2010-07-23 14:04:41)
    PC World: "On Friday, an open source effort to develop GSM-cracking software released software that cracks the A5/1 encryption algorithm used by some GSM networks. Called Kraken, this software uses new, very efficient, encryption cracking tables that allow it to break A5/1 encryption much faster than before."

  • LinuxCon Preview: Is FOSS Becoming More About What Execs Need Than What Developers Want? (2010-07-23 13:34:41)
    Linux.com: "...there has been a big change in the awareness of open source at the executive level. The "don't ask, don't tell" policy is no more."

  • Inside Facebook's Open Source Infrastructure (2010-07-23 12:04:41)
    Developer.com: "Facebook connects its 500 million users using an array of open source software to enable social networking as well as data intelligence. Facebook's open source Web serving infrastructure has a lot more than just the traditional LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack behind it."

  • Internationalise your apps with Qt (2010-07-23 05:04:41)
    Linux User and Developer: "By its very nature, open source software qualifies as some of the most translated on the planet. If you want to seek a global audience for your software, it is very important that you localise your application for your users. Here's how..."

  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.35 (Part 3) - Network support (2010-07-23 03:04:41)
    The H Open: "Several patches submitted by a Google developer will enable the kernel to push considerably more data through network cables on multi-core systems. Some of the LAN and Wi-Fi drivers also promise greater throughput, or to use less power, due to various driver enhancements."