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Developer Linux News for Jul 27, 2010

  • Announcing the world�s fastest VP8 decoder: ffvp8 (2010-07-27 21:33:22)
    Diary Of An x264 Developer: "Back when I originally reviewed VP8, I noted that the official decoder, libvpx, was rather slow. While there was no particular reason that it should be much faster than a good H.264 decoder, it shouldn't have been that much slower either!"

  • Python4Kids New Tutorial: Random Imports (2010-07-27 18:03:22)
    Python Tutorials for Kids: "In our last tutorial, we met the concept of functions. It turns out that functions (and another concept called classes, which we haven't got to yet) are the workhorse of Python. Almost everything you will end up doing with Python will involve the use of functions."

  • Bash Co-Processes (2010-07-27 17:03:22)
    Linux Journal: "One of the new features in bash 4.0 is the coproc statement. The coproc statement allows you to create a co-process that is connected to the invoking shell via two pipes: one to send input to the co-process and one to get output from the co-process."

  • Five Handy Tips for MySQL's Powerful UPDATE Statement (2010-07-27 16:03:22)
    Database Journal: "Rob Gravelle explores the MySQL UPDATE statement, which is used to modify existing records in a table. Among its many features, he looks at how to update multiple tables, avoiding mistakes, and how to limit how many rows are updated."

  • Forking KDE 3: Trinity KDE's Timothy Pearson (2010-07-27 15:03:22)
    Datamation: "To most users, KDE 3 is obsolete, replaced two years ago by the KDE 4 series. Yet, many continue to lament the loss of KDE 3, and greeted enthusiastically the news earlier this year that a project called Trinity KDE had started in order "to keep the KDE 3.5 computing style alive, as well as polish off any rough edges that were present as of KDE 3.5.10.""

  • Writing Better Shell Scripts � Part 2 (2010-07-27 13:03:22)
    Innovations: "There are a lot of opinions about how error handling should be done, which range from doing nothing to implementing comprehensive solutions. In this post, as well as my professional work, I try to err on the side of in-depth solutions."

  • What? Already? Yep, it's Kiara 15! (2010-07-27 06:03:22)
    The Kiara Blog: "Now available for download! Apparently, two days after 3.6.7, Firefox released version 3.6.8, and so, in keeping with my "follow Firefox" policy, two days after releasing Kiara 14, I am releasing releasing Kiara 15."

  • GPLv3 now dominates at Google Code #oscon (2010-07-27 00:03:22)
    Netstat -vat: "According to data presented by DiBona, the GPLv3 license now represents more than half of the GPL licensed code that Google hosts on its Google Code site."