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Developer Linux News for Jul 29, 2010

  • DNSSEC is Here. Now What? (2010-07-29 21:36:15)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Two years ago at the Black Hat USA 2008 conference, security researcher Dan Kaminsky detailed a critical flaw in DNS that could have destroyed the Internet as we know it. Two years later, the root zone of Internet DNS is now signed with DNSSEC, partially as a response and a solution to Kaminsky's 2008 finding."

  • Python development - the golden rules (2010-07-29 19:36:15)
    Linux User and Developer: "As part of his massive Python Masterclass article, Kunal Deo drew up some golden rules when working with Python."

  • Demonstrating multi-processing in Bash 4 (2010-07-29 16:06:15)
    I Am, Therefore I Think: "I have an on-going project, to code the Collatz sequence in as many languages as I can. So far, I've implemented it in C (integer and floating-point), assembly (x86, x86_64, and SPARC32), Java, BASIC in Open Office.org, Tcl, Lisp, Ada, Python, and Bash."

  • The U.S. Government and Its Partners Open Up To FOSS (2010-07-29 15:06:15)
    Acrossad: "In a rapidly evolving world, people at high levels in the government have come to the realization that FOSS may offer higher levels of software development flexibility than the traditional proprietary models. The fact that FOSS helps to alleviate some of the pressure created by tight budgets and other fiscal constraints doesn't hurt."

  • Red Hat, 16%. Canonical, 1%. (2010-07-29 14:06:15)
    Greg DeKoenigsberg Speaks: "If you doubt, for a nanosecond, that Canonical is a marketing organization masquerading as an engineering organization, then you're either an unapologetic Ubuntu fanboy or you're not paying attention"

  • Oracle shuts down open source test servers (2010-07-29 13:06:15)
    IT News: "Oracle has shut down servers Sun Microsystems was contributing to the build farm for open source database software, PostgreSQL, forcing enthusiasts to scramble to find new hosts to test updates to their software on the Solaris operating system."

  • Spotlight: Kate Scripting (2010-07-29 12:36:15)
    Milian Wolff: "Dominik asked me to blog about a feature in Kate that is still (sadly!) pretty unknown and seldom used: Kate Scripting. As you should know you can script KatePart completely via JavaScript."

  • Python Development Masterclass (2010-07-29 03:06:15)
    Linux User and Developer: "Mostly seen as a scripting language for system administrators, it is actually capable of doing almost everything and beyond the limitations of regular programming languages. Python started its life as a time-saver programming language."