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Developer Linux News for Aug 12, 2010

  • Basic Rendering in OpenGL (2010-08-12 23:06:24)
    InformIT: "Objects and scenes that you create with OpenGL consist of smaller, simpler shapes, arranged and combined in various and unique ways. This chapter explores these building blocks of 3D objects, called primitives, and the various ways you can combine them on-screen."

  • When GNOME Met KDE: Q and A With GNOME Foundation Director Stormy Peters (2010-08-12 21:36:24)
    LinuxInsider: "Last year, the GNOME Foundation began hosting summits for developers alongside another desktop environment community: KDE. "In our meeting with the KDE conference, we're trying to cooperate in our common goal of providing a free desktop," said Stormy Peters, executive director of the GNOME Foundation."

  • Moglen: Bilski decision set back patent reform for more than a decade (2010-08-12 21:06:24)
    ZDNet: "The US Supreme Court's recent Bilski decison set back patent reform by at least a decade, one top Linux defender said."

  • Apertus: The open source cinema project (2010-08-12 17:06:24)
    Open Source.com: "The idea of creating a free (as in free speech) and open cinema camera based on an Elphel 333 started in spring 2006 in the mind of a member of the DVinfo forum, who in March 2006 started a new thread called "High Definition with Elphel model 333 camera." A lot of people got involved, and the project grew and developed."

  • Adobe Still Shafts Linux With H.264 GPU Decoding (2010-08-12 15:36:24)
    Phoronix: "At first it looked like the Linux Flash Player might use VDPAU for video decoding, but that never ended up materializing. Instead, Adobe's main Linux engineer just ranted about the Linux video APIs on his blog (he did this twice in fact)."

  • LinuxCon: What Is the Future of Linux Development? (2010-08-12 15:06:24)
    Linux Planet: "Top Linux kernel developers detail what's next for Linux, and why the bar has been raised to become a kernel contributor."

  • Is the Linux Kernel In Trouble? (2010-08-12 12:36:24)
    OStatic: "Does Linux kernel development face a crisis in the coming years? That was one of the topics of discussion at LinuxCon this week, and the concern has been raised before."

  • Kernel Log: 2.6.36 development and new stable kernels and drivers (2010-08-12 10:36:24)
    The H Open: "While Linux 2.6.36 development continues apace, a number of new stable releases iron out various quirks in previous versions. New versions of PowerTop and graphics drivers for AMD and NVIDIA graphics chips offer numerous enhancements and bug fixes."

  • KDE 4.5 released - 1,723 new features, 16,022 bug fixes (2010-08-12 03:06:24)
    ZDNet: "News for all your Linux folks - KDE 4.5 has been released, and it contains a 1,723 new features, along with 16,022 bug fixes."