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Developer Linux News for Aug 13, 2010

  • Editor's Note: Oracle on the Warpath (2010-08-13 23:06:24)
    If you can't innovate, litigate! SCOracle lets slip the dogs of war!

  • Web services need to be Free #LinuxCon (2010-08-13 21:06:24)
    Netstat -vat: "Stormy Peters, executive director, the GNOME Foundation wants people to think about their online software freedoms."

  • Google Enhances Android Mobile OS With Voice Commands (2010-08-13 18:06:24)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Google has added two new features to its Android software designed to enhance the utility of smartphones that use the mobile operating system software. Voice Actions for Android lets users send text and emails, surf the Web and perform other actions using voice commands."

  • An Introduction to MINIX (2010-08-13 15:06:24)
    Linux Journal: "It's not Linux, but MINIX can introduce you to the basic concepts without all the baggage."

  • Project Harmony Takes Aim at Open Source Contribution Agreements (2010-08-13 14:36:24)
    Datamation: "Open source licenses help to define the terms and conditions of software use and redistribution. But what are the terms and condition under which developers actually contribute code? That's the realm of software contribution agreements."

  • A weak case for software patents (2010-08-13 04:36:24)
    Open Source.com: "For all the debate and litigation around software patents, I thought that there was at least one point on which all sides could agree: the objective of the U.S. patent system is to stimulate innovation."