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Developer Linux News for Aug 17, 2010

  • Learning FC++: The C++ functional programming library (2010-08-17 23:35:46)
    IBM Developerworks: "This article tries something different—functional programming with C++ using the open source FC++ library from Yannis Smaragdakis and Brian McNamara. Learn how you can use FC++ to implement basic functional programming."

  • MySQL in Amazon EC2 - Beginners Guide (2010-08-17 22:05:46)
    Database Journal: "Increasingly, enterprises are looking at cloud services such as Amazon Web Services for their deployments. Datacenter virtualization is much more sophisticated than its desktop counterpart is, providing a whole suite of tools that allow you to control every aspect of your deployments. Join Sean Hull as he explores the MySQL - Amazon EC2 solution."

  • Mini-Education Summit LinuxCon Boston 2010 (2010-08-17 21:35:46)
    Máirín Duffy: "...kids know how to entertain themselves with the computer – their actual knowledge of technology is wide but very shallow."

  • Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users (2010-08-17 20:35:46)
    LWN.net: "2nd, related, fallacy: Everyone has a useful contribution to make to Debian. This is not the case."

  • open source is fundamentally incapable of handling user interfaces (2010-08-17 20:05:46)
    Rob Landley's blog: "...because any time "shut up and show me the code" is not the correct response to the problem at hand (which it isn't for the touchy-feely "usability" stuff), the open source development model melts down into one of three distinct failure modes:"

  • Laws governing medical devices in the EU and their effect on free and open source software (2010-08-17 16:05:46)
    FOSS Bazaar: "This difference posed an actual threat to the free movement of good and services with the Community. As such, the Directive sought to harmonise national provisions with regard to the use of medical devices."

  • A Programmer´┐Żs Discussion: Procedural vs. OO (2010-08-17 15:05:46)
    Linux Journal: "So I have been writing code of one sort or another for over 15 years (mostly Perl) and there is still one thing I don't get ... what is the advantage of object oriented programming (OOP) over procedural programming (PP)?"

  • 15 HTML5 Demos Showcasing Prowess of HTML5 Over Adobe Flash (2010-08-17 14:05:46)
    Tech Drive-in: "HTML is basically a standard for structuring and presenting content in the internet and HTML5 is the newest incarnation of HTML. HTML5 is supposed to have features like video playback which currently depends upon third-party(and proprietary) browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash"

  • Debian Appreciation Day (2010-08-17 09:05:46)
    Marga's blog: "Today is Debian's Birthday, and for a while I've wanted to do something special on this date. In order to raise the general motivation of the project, have a special day when everyone is invited to thank those that make our lives easier."

  • KMyMoney Team Announces First Platform 4 Release (2010-08-17 03:05:46)
    KDE.news: "The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the release of the first stable version built on KDE Platform 4. With over 15 months of development, this is the starting point for a series of KMyMoney versions leveraging the stellar features offered by the new Platform."

  • Cash and Community: Incentives and Open Source Development (2010-08-17 01:35:46)
    Dell: "Where free and open source (FOSS) projects were once considered the domain of volunteer enthusiasts donating time to build alternatives to proprietary software, the odds are that the core contributors of any major project are paid developers working for a company with an interest in the project."

  • Oracle vs. Google over Java (2010-08-17 00:05:46)
    IT World: "Oracle suing Google over its use of Java in Android should frighten any company that develops with Java."