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Developer Linux News for Aug 19, 2010

  • Bazaar: A Powerful, next-generation source control system (2010-08-19 19:02:12)
    IBM Developerworks: "Bazaar is a powerful, next-generation source control system that adapts to the dynamics of any development team. This article is an introduction to Bazaar."

  • Android Scripting With Python (2010-08-19 16:32:12)
    Linux Planet: "Google's new Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) opens up a whole new world of programming your Android using familiar languages like Python, Perl, Jruby and Lua. Paul Ferrill walks us through installing and trying out SL4A with Python"

  • Kernel Progress Entering New Era of Innovation (2010-08-19 12:02:12)
    Linux.com: "The last 12 months in Linux kernel development may have been less than exciting, but that may be just a breather before what's coming up next, according to kernel developer and Linux Weekly News editor Jon Corbet."

  • User Testing Is Largely Pointless (2010-08-19 09:02:12)
    Librescope: "For years usability languished in the FOSS world due to a combination of elitism and the belief that it was just a theme-pack away. As a result most FOSS projects are riddled with massive usability problems."

  • When open source sells out. (2010-08-19 06:02:12)
    Technology & Life Integration: "I just read a rather alarming article claiming that Oracle aims to destroy open source software industry. This article is in the tone of chicken little. As in the sky is falling and all is doom and gloom."