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Developer Linux News for Aug 20, 2010

  • Which Licence is Best for the Future? (2010-08-20 22:32:45)
    The H Open: "...those discussions ultimately led to an entirely fresh thought: that we are about to enter a new phase in open source business, one that places community and collaboration at its heart."

  • Ready to be an open source contributor but don't know where to start? (2010-08-20 21:32:45)
    Opensource.com: "In early 2009, as the stories of many websites begin, a few college friends were considering what kind of project they might start together. In this particular case, the result was OpenHatch."

  • OMG that�s so 2009 (No HAL for Banshee) (2010-08-20 20:32:45)
    KILL THEM ALL AND LET A NORSE GOD SORT 'EM OUT: "No more HAL dependency! You can finally actually drop HAL from your iso and ship the best media player Gnome has to offer (sorry Rhythmbox- we just rule really hard)."

  • Spook developer speaks! An interview with Matthew Burton (2010-08-20 12:02:47)
    Opensource.com: "I had a chance to talk with Matthew Burton, the former intelligence analyst turned open source cause celebre who just launched a tool that helps frame and understand arguments with imperfect evidence."

  • LLVMpipe & Compiz 0.9 Still Don't Play Along (2010-08-20 10:32:47)
    Phoronix: "LLVMpipe is an especially interesting Gallium3D driver since it allows accelerating the state trackers atop any modern CPU, but for any close to decent level of performance when using OpenGL you need a hefty multi-core CPU"

  • The IRMOS realtime scheduler (2010-08-20 00:02:47)
    LWN.net: "The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of this new scheduler, describe its features and how it can be practically used, provide a few details about the implemented algorithms, and gathering feedback by the community about possible improvements."