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Developer Linux News for Aug 26, 2010

  • Is packaging new software hard? (2010-08-26 16:35:42)
    Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks: "A common answer to my question about why people aren't packaging is that packaging is hard and the wiki is kind of lacking. Debhelper 7 and Source Version 3.0 (the new Debian packaging format) make things a lot easier"

  • The Made-To-Order revolution: custom flexible manufacturing is here (2010-08-26 14:35:42)
    Free Software Magazine: "The mass production barrier has fallen, so that today, it's possible for a home inventor, hobbyist, or crafter to create almost anything by assembling one-off manufactured components, either from a service or from affordable home-fabrication equipment (or a combination of these)."

  • Kernel Log: New X Server, 3D drivers for Radeon 5000 and new stable kernels (2010-08-26 13:35:42)
    The H Open: "While the new kernel versions mainly correct minor bugs, X.org's next generation X Server offers a range of improvements."

  • Microsoft Open Source Strategy is Upside Down (2010-08-26 13:05:42)
    Martin Iturbide: "Last April (April-29-2010) there was a local event in Ecuador organized by AESoft, the Ecuadorian Software association.... On this conference Microsoft sent a message saying that they are Open Source friendly and they support Open Source development."

  • USB 3.0: Everything You Need to Know (2010-08-26 12:05:42)
    IT Expert Voice: "After a lengthy gestation period, the third generation of the Universal Serial Bus is making its way to the market. But is it already obsolete?"

  • Hacking for change (2010-08-26 07:35:42)
    The Hindu: "In what is now known — often pejoratively — as the 'back office of the IT world', the once quaint operating system Linux is not so niche anymore."

  • The Technology Behind the OpenStack Cloud Computing Project (2010-08-26 06:05:42)
    Developer.com: "Rackspace (a noted high-end hosting provider) and NASA recently announced a joint open source endeavor called OpenStack. The project aims to merge cloud computing technologies from both organizations into one common, open cloud computing platform."

  • Ubuntu drops support for ia64 and sparc (2010-08-26 01:35:42)
    LWN.net: "Earlier in the Maverick release cycle the Tech Board had posted an announcement [1] that we'd decommission support for the Ubuntu sparc and ia64 ports at Feature Freeze (ie Thurs Aug 12)"