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Developer Linux News for Aug 27, 2010

  • Preparing for Ubuntu 10.10 with the Platform Rally (2010-08-27 21:34:42)
    Linux User and Developer: "Canonical developer, Dave Walker, shares more insight into the development of Ubunutu 10.10. This month, the Ubuntu platform sprint rally goes under the spotlight"

  • The long, sordid tale of Sun RPC, abbreviated somewhat, to protect the guily and the irresponsible. (2010-08-27 20:34:42)
    Tom Callaway: "Once upon a time (1984), Sun created an RPC implementation for Unix, with the intent of implementing RFC 707 (High-level framework for network-based resource sharing). Now, in those days, a good way to ensure that people used code that you wrote was to upload it to usenet, and in 1985, Sun did that."

  • MySQL SELECT Statement 101 (2010-08-27 19:34:42)
    Database Journal: "The SELECT statement is without question the most complex amongst MySQL's data manipulation statements. This article covers the syntax of the SELECT statement, exploring its many optional clauses. "

  • Weekend Project: Accept OpenID Logins (2010-08-27 18:34:42)
    Linux.com: "OpenID is a critical piece of "Open Web" infrastructure. The ability to authenticate users without relying on a single gatekeeper entity puts every site on an equal playing field."

  • LLNL Talks To Us About Their Linux ZFS Port (2010-08-27 16:34:42)
    Phoronix: "KQ Infotech's ZFS port is indeed based off of LLNL's work. It's based off of the SPL/ZFS 0.4.9 tar-balls that the national laboratories had published to their GitHub page."

  • Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month (2010-08-27 15:04:42)
    Phoronix: "ZFS had not been ported to Linux as its source-code is distributed under the CDDL license, which is incompatible with the GNU GPL barring it from integration into the mainline Linux kernel. Next month, however, a working ZFS module for the Linux kernel without a dependence on FUSE will be publicly released."

  • Next Generation of Btrfs Linux Filesystem Nears Prime Time (2010-08-27 14:04:42)
    Linux Planet: "Is Btrfs a better filesystem for Linux? Project founder Chris Mason explains what's right and what's still missing"

  • Akonadi Demystified (2010-08-27 12:34:42)
    KDE.news: "Over on his blog Sebastian Kügler talks about the status of Akonadi, how the migration of Kontact to Akonadi is going, and in general where the direction of development is leading."

  • GNU/Linux - finally it's Free software (2010-08-27 12:04:42)
    Simon Phipps: "Some ancient source code given away freely by Sun in 1984 turned out to have a non-Free-software licence all these years, upsetting the licensing purity of glibc and everything built with it."

  • How You Can Help Patent Attorneys Help Free Software (2010-08-27 00:04:42)
    Groklaw: "I would like everyone to watch tridge's talk [.ogv] [mp3] on patents and how engineers can interact efficiently with patent lawyers, to get your knowledge across to them. More formats are linked from End Software Patents, if you prefer audio only."