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Developer Linux News for Oct 14, 2010

  • C++ Snippets on Linux: Vectors vs. Arrays As a Better Way to Store Data (2010-10-14 21:03:29)
    Acrossad: "You may have read and enjoyed my recent article "C++ Snippets: Converting Hexidecimal Values to Decimal Values." In that article, I briefly discussed a secret project that I have undertaken that will eventually result in my first GUI application for GNU/Linux, Windows, and perhaps even MacOS."

  • Snakes on a Couch! Using Python with CouchDB, Part II-- Where do you want to eat? (2010-10-14 18:03:29)
    Linux Planet: "Akkana Peck completes her introductory series to CouchDB, one of the newfangled distributed "NoSQL" databases. In Part 2 we learn more fundamental ways to manage CouchDB with Python."

  • Java wars: IBM joins OpenJDK as Oracle shuns Apache Harmony (2010-10-14 17:33:29)
    ars Technica: "IBM's move to take a more active role in OpenJDK could end the company's commitment to Apache's Harmony project, and it should dissolve a long-standing stalemate that has hindered collaboration in the Java ecosystem."

  • An Unexpected Pleasure (2010-10-14 17:03:29)
    Life at Eclipse: "Today's announcement that IBM is going to join forces and work with Oracle on OpenJDK is good news for Java, and by extension for Eclipse."

  • Android Tablets � a developer�s view (2010-10-14 16:03:29)
    Linux User and Developer: "Linux User & Developer talks to Tommy Forslund, producer at Swedish mobile developer Polarbit, to see if Android can do for Tablets what it's achieved in the Smartphone market..."

  • Android pushing forward... but don't ask me... listen to Gartner (2010-10-14 02:03:29)
    Walden's Ponderings: "Here's some fun news: "Gartner Says Android to Become No. 2 Worldwide Mobile Operating System in 2010 and Challenge Symbian for No. 1 Position by 2014."" Link fixed --ed.