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Developer Linux News for Oct 19, 2010

  • Researchers one step closer to 'bootless' computer (2010-10-19 22:32:44)
    Computerworld: "Physicists at the University of California, Riverside have made a breakthrough in developing a "spin computer," which would combine logic with nonvolatile memory, bypassing the need for computers to boot up."

  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.36 (Part 4) - Drivers (2010-10-19 21:32:44)
    The H Open: "Drivers in 2.6.36 include considerably improved support for infra-red receivers and remotes, optimised USB drivers, and a solution for a much discussed problem that Android developers, in one way or another, had solved long ago."

  • plasma in 18-24 months? (2010-10-19 19:32:44)
    aseigo: "In my last blog entry, I mentioned QtComponents, QML and the new Qt scene graph and then vaguely alluded to profound implications for Plasma. I will not tease you, dear reader, for longer than necessary: this blog entry contains my current preliminary thinking on the what this could all mean for Plasma going forward."

  • Ubuntu 11.04 development begins (2010-10-19 18:32:44)
    The H Open: "Less than one week after the arrival of Ubuntu 10.10, developer Matthias Klose has announced that version 11.04, code named "Natty Narwhal", is now officially open for development."

  • Video Interview with Rusty Russell, of IBM OZlabs kernel development fame. (2010-10-19 17:32:44)
    Open Source at Google: "Free software advocate and Linux developer Rusty Russell sat down for an interview with Google's Jeremy Allison when they were both in Japan for LinuxCon. They discuss Rusty's role maintaining the Linux kernel (0:15), why Australia has produced so many top notch open source developers..."

  • Wind River Advances Embedded Linux (2010-10-19 11:02:44)
    Linux Planet: "The new Wind River Linux 4.0 release integrates advanced real-time, carrier-grade and virtualization capabilities, but they still see a need for their own proprietary VxWorks."

  • Rebel Inheritance: The Best About Launcher Menus (Part 3) (2010-10-19 01:32:44)
    Opensuse Revolution: "This is the third part of the series of articles that analyse the possibilities of start menus and new ideas to do for the openSUSE project."