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Developer Linux News for Oct 26, 2010

  • SaaS Startups Should Check Out CouchDB First (2010-10-26 23:02:53)
    Cloudave: "The problem lies with how GPL asserts the copyright (well, copyleft). Even though it was designed with an intention to ensure the users' freedom to tinker with the free software, it has the nasty side effect of centralizing the power with the original author of the software."

  • What's Next for Ubuntu? (2010-10-26 21:02:53)
    Linux Planet: "Where will Ubuntu be in 5 years? Is the future of Ubuntu with Open Core? Mark Shuttleworth tells all."

  • Using Strace to Trace Problems (2010-10-26 20:04:53)
    ServerWatch: "Having trouble figuring out why Apache isn't starting, or another program is crashing and burning, and the logfiles are giving no clue? Time to reach for strace."

  • The kernel column #93 by Jon Masters (2010-10-26 19:02:53)
    Linux User and Developer: "Linux averages 5.5 changes per hour, every hour of every day, and is perhaps one of the most active software projects in human history. Jon Masters charts these changes every month in quite possibly the best technical column in human history"
    Story fixed --ed.

  • Simon Phipps unbound (2010-10-26 18:02:53)
    ZDNet: "It's easy to forget the thing that got you started. It's easy to forget in open source it started with principles, with liberty, equality and community."

  • Shuttleworth: Unity shell will be default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 (2010-10-26 16:02:53)
    ars Technica: "I also asked Shuttleworth why Canonical is building its own shell rather than customizing the GNOME Shell. He says that Canonical made an effort to participate in the GNOME Shell design process and found that Ubuntu's vision for the future of desktop interfaces was fundamentally different from that of the upstream GNOME Shell developers"

  • OpenOffice.org and the Unnecessary Ultimatum (2010-10-26 15:02:53)
    Datamation: "This week, the results are revealed: resignations of key people, and a growing tendency to choose sides in the community. And the tragedy is that none of this angst seems necessary."

  • KSnapshot gains free-region capture (2010-10-26 14:32:53)
    elpauer: "I have just committed free-region capture to KSnapshot, which makes possible to capture arbitrary shaps:"

  • Past, Present and Future of Metasploit (2010-10-26 07:02:53)
    Net-Security: "What was it like bringing a rather famous open source product with a dedicated user-base like Metasploit into a corporate environment...?"