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Developer Linux News for Oct 29, 2010

  • Symbian: A Lesson on the Wrong Way to Use Open Source (2010-10-29 21:33:24)
    Gigaom: "After all, if a product can't make the grade as a proprietary product, it will almost certainly fare worse as an open-source product."

  • Cloud, meet Rainbow (2010-10-29 20:33:24)
    Mozilla Labs: "At Mozilla Labs, we're constantly trying to push the boundaries with respect to what the browser can do. We've experimented with audio recording in the browser as part of the Jetpack prototype earlier, and want to revisit the idea."

  • ODF Plugfest: Making office tools interoperable (2010-10-29 18:03:24)
    LWN.net: "The first day of the event was reserved for the ODF implementers: Abisource, DiaLOGIKa, Google, IBM, Itaapy, KO GmbH, Microsoft, Novell, Sun/Oracle, and OpenOffice.org. LibreOffice developers weren't able to make it for the first day..."

  • Ubuntu Developer Summit: Dropping KDE Desktop (2010-10-29 17:03:24)
    jriddell's blog: "The Ubuntu Developer Summit is in full swing here in Florida. There have been a load of important decisions taken. For example today I dropped KDE from our desktop."

  • Other X.Org Discussions At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit (2010-10-29 16:03:24)
    Phoronix: "Two days ago we reported on what the graphics stack should look like for Ubuntu 11.04 in terms of its X.Org Server, Mesa / Gallium3D, and the open-source graphics driver versions to be deployed in this next Linux operating system release codenamed the Natty Narwhal."

  • 10 Command-line Timesavers for MySQL Tasks (2010-10-29 15:33:24)
    Developer.com: "Although several great GUI-based MySQL clients exist, among them phpMyAdmin and SQLYog, I've always preferred to use the native mysql command-line client."

  • Google Enhances Android Mobile Device Security (2010-10-29 14:03:24)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Google today made it easier for mobile IT administrators to securely manage Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices from within Google Apps."

  • Finnix 100 Has Been Released (2010-10-29 13:03:24)
    Softpedia: "A few hours ago, Ryan Finnie proudly announced the immediate availability for download of the Finnix 100 Linux-based operating system, after a little more than one year of development."

  • Features/RemoveSETUID (Fedora 14) (2010-10-29 12:33:24)
    LWN.net: "File Capabilties have been present in the Operating System for a few releases now, it is time that we remove setuid applications and just assign the capapilities required by an application. This should make the applications and the Operating System more secure."

  • The great iPhone serial port hack (2010-10-29 11:03:24)
    Computerworld: "While the majority of the iPhone's easter eggs and secrets have over time been discovered, pulled apart and analysed to the umpteenth degree, the smartphone continues to have one, little-known trick up its sleeve: A hidden serial port."

  • Fuzzing proprietary protocols not that hard #sectorca (2010-10-29 03:03:24)
    Netstat -vat: "I'm a fan of fuzzing, which is basically a way to throw garbage input at an application to see if it will break."

  • GNOME Project Receives $15,000 for Accessibility Work (2010-10-29 00:03:24)
    GNOME: The GNOME Project has received two grants for a total of $15,000 from Mozilla and from the F123.org-Mais Diferenças partnership for accessibility work.