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Developer Linux News for Nov 05, 2010

  • Ubuntu To Ditch X For Wayland (2010-11-05 21:02:35)
    Digitizor: "Well the surprises just keeps mounting. After shocking everyone with the announcement that Ubuntu 11.04 will have Unity on the desktop instead of GNOME Shell, Mark Shuttleworth announced another possibly bigger change – Unity is going to use Wayland display server instead of X."

  • Android Kernel Security Above Average, Below Linux (2010-11-05 17:02:35)
    Information Week: "Android devices may be viewed with more suspicion than rival smartphones because the more relaxed policing of Android Market apps suggests greater potential risk. But the openness of Android code turns out to be a benefit rather than a liability, at least from a security standpoint."

  • Can The Unigine Engine Get Any Better? Yes, And It Has (2010-11-05 16:02:00)
    Phoronix: "The Unigine Engine already supports OpenGL 3/4 and has amazing graphics as shown by their tech demos like Unigine Heaven and many other features, but they have just made another huge update to this Linux-friendly game engine."

  • Unity on Wayland (2010-11-05 15:32:35)
    Here Be Dragons: "The next major transition for Unity will be to deliver it on Wayland, the OpenGL-based display management system. We'd like to embrace Wayland early, as much of the work we're doing on uTouch and other input systems will be relevant for Wayland and it's an area we can make a useful contribution to the project."

  • Six Secrets of Open Source Community Building (2010-11-05 05:02:35)
    Datamation: "The Drupal content management system (CMS) is one of the most successful open source projects on the Internet today, thanks in no small part to its community."