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Developer Linux News for Nov 09, 2010

  • Weekend Project: Get to Know Your Source Code with FOSSology (2010-11-09 23:34:59)
    Linux.com "If you work with open source software of any kind — whether at work or as a volunteer — then you understand the importance of license compliance and keeping track of copyright ownership. But as a project grows, those tasks can get tricky, even when everyone is on the same page."

  • ROSE Blog Interviews: The Document Foundation's Jacqueline Rahemipour (2010-11-09 21:34:59)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "On October 31, Jacqueline Rahemipour posted a letter on the dev@native-lang.openoffice.org mailing list called Every end is a new beginning. The letter, which was signed by Rahemipour and 32 other OpenOffice.org contributors, addressed Oracle's response to the recent creation of The Document Foundation."

  • Oracle cooks up free and premium JVMs (2010-11-09 21:04:59)
    The Register: "Oracle will deliver two Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) based on the OpenJDK project - one free and the other paid."

  • Introduction to awk (2010-11-09 19:34:59)
    BashShell.net: "Awk is a pattern-scanning and text processing utility that captures information from text files creating reports in the process, modify files from one format to another, create databases and perform mathematical operations on data."

  • Ubuntu 11.04 Delayed, Release Schedule Changed (2010-11-09 18:34:59)
    Softpedia: "The release schedule for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system has been modified last week on the Ubuntu wiki. The distribution will still be released at the end of April 2011."

  • The Linux Programming Interface (2010-11-09 17:34:59)
    Slashdot: "Michael Kerrisk has been the maintainer of the Linux Man Pages collection (man 7) for more than five years now, and it is safe to say that he has contributed to the Linux documentation available in the online manual more than any other author before."

  • Behind KDE: Martin Eisenhardt (2010-11-09 17:04:59)
    Behind KDE: "Ever wondered who is behind anonsvn.kde.org? Want to know what drives a person to provide that service to KDE for years and years?"

  • Linutop OS v4 is out (2010-11-09 16:34:59)
    ARMdevices: "Linutop sells small, silent and low power PCs based on AMD Geode and VIA C7 processors to use in business and industrial environments. Now they are launching Linutop OS 4.0 that anyone can download"

  • FSFLA: Linux kernel is "open core" (2010-11-09 15:04:59)
    LWN.net: "Linux hasn't got any Freer between the Linux-2.6.33-libre announcement, back in March, and the present announcement, that marks the release of Linux-2.6.36-libre. Linux now contains more non-Free Software, and more drivers in its Free core that require separately distributed non-Free Software to function"

  • Indie Android developer shows free apps can generate $1,000+ monthly (2010-11-09 13:04:59)
    Geek.com: "There's already hundreds of thousands of apps out there covering just about every feature and bit of functionality you could ever think of. How on earth are you going to create somethign different and get someone to spot your app, let alone pay and download it?"

  • The LilyPond Report #22 (2010-11-09 01:34:59)
    LilyPond News: "What's not to love with GNU LilyPond? Meaning: is it at all possible, either to mildly appreciate it, or perhaps even to hate the hell out of it?"