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Developer Linux News for Nov 10, 2010

  • The Imagineos 20101103 K1 is Released (Slackware-based liveCD) (2010-11-10 18:33:59)
    ImagineOS: "The second ImagineOS release is finally available. This livecd created by using Linux live scripts with few modifications uses KDE (4.5.1) as desktop environment and its based on Slackware current with more applications and features."

  • Getting to know Alice (2010-11-10 15:03:59)
    Linux Journal: "After I wrote a review of the Scratch programing environment, one of our readers suggested that I look into the Alice programing environment. http://alice.org/ Well, I've gotten to know Alice and have found it to be quite an impressive programing environment."

  • Internal Email on Why a Software Company Migrates Away from MySQL (2010-11-10 14:03:59)
    CloudAve: "The way the door to evil was opened with GPL"

  • on glorious leaders (2010-11-10 13:03:59)
    AdamW on Linux and more: "Yet still, Mark saying 'oh hey this looks neat' becomes a huge splash. Why? I don't know, really. Because Mark is Mark, I suppose."

  • Wrapping a Program Around the Core Data Structure (2010-11-10 07:03:59)
    Systhread: "Rule 5. Data dominates. If you've chosen the right data structures and organized things well, the algorithms will almost always be self-evident. Data structures, not algorithms, are central to programming"

  • Is Linux FOSS or open source? (2010-11-10 05:03:59)
    ZDNet: "The Linux offered under the GPL carries a few surprises under the hood."

  • Is it time for Free software to move on? (2010-11-10 01:33:59)
    The H Open: "A remarkable continuity underlies free software, going all the way back to Richard Stallman's first programs for his new GNU project. And yet within that continuity, there have been major shifts: are we due for another such leap?"