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Developer Linux News for Nov 11, 2010

  • Get a $300 Drone and Fly It Using Ubuntu (2010-11-11 18:34:15)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "Love Drones and Helicopters that you can fly from your garden or rooftop from a remote control? Got Ubuntu? You are in for a treat."

  • WE HAVE A WINNER � Open Kinect driver(s) released (2010-11-11 16:34:15)
    Open Kinect: "WE HAVE A WINNER – Open Kinect driver(s) released – Winner will use $3k for more hacking – PLUS an additional $2k goes to the EFF!"

  • Glibc change exposing bugs (2010-11-11 15:04:15)
    LWN.net: "People experiencing sound corruption or other strange bugs on recent distribution releases may want to have a look at this Fedora bugzilla entry. It seems that the glibc folks changed the implementation of memcpy()..."

  • Two Features Wayland Will Have That X Doesn't (2010-11-11 13:04:15)
    Phoronix: "While the discussion surrounding the Wayland Display Server and Canonical's plans to deploy Ubuntu atop Wayland continue to be ongoing within our forums (here, here, and here) and elsewhere, some new technical capabilities and plans for Wayland have been discussed. Here's two features that Wayland is set to have that is not currently supported by the X.Org Server."