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Developer Linux News for Nov 24, 2010

  • Ubuntu sticking to six-month development cycle (2010-11-24 22:04:43)
    Network World: "A story in the Register speculated that Ubuntu would be dropping its six-month development cycle in favor of daily updates. If so, that'd be big news — but the word from Canonical is that it's not so."

  • Open Source has won precisely because we no longer notice it (2010-11-24 21:04:43)
    Bangkok Post: "Open source has won. Oh, how time flies. When I started writing in Database in May 2003, my first column was about how the ICT Ministry had got the budget PC programme all wrong. ICT Minister Surapong had announced his great success at negotiating the inclusion of Windows XP and Office XP at just 1,500 baht, a 90 percent discount. He saw it as success. I saw it as capitulation."

  • Meet MeeGo (2010-11-24 19:04:43)
    Smart Developer: "Android might get all the headlines, but MeeGo, the little Linux that could, may yet become an important Linux for your phones, netbooks, tablets, and cars."

  • Vandalizing Open-Source Drivers? (2010-11-24 18:04:43)
    Phoronix: "Somebody with root access to the FreeDesktop.org server decided to vandalize the RadeonHD graphics driver in this Git commit. The make files were deleted and replaced with "It's dead, Jim""

  • No KMS? No Mesa? Run Wayland Off A Linux Framebuffer! (2010-11-24 16:04:43)
    Phoronix: "Besides needing to get the various tool-kits and other libraries ported to run atop the Wayland Display Server, another requirement limiting the adoption of this X11 Server alternative so far has been the specialized graphics requirements."

  • LPC: Life after X (2010-11-24 15:34:43)
    LWN.net: "Keith Packard has probably done more work to put the X Window System onto our desks than just about anybody else. With some 25 years of history, X has had a good run, but nothing is forever."

  • Kinect camera visualization and calibration (2010-11-24 15:04:43)
    Freenect: "Nicolas Burrus just released some software that grabs images from the Kinect camera and calibrate it in a semi-automatic way. The calibration part is done by using a printed black/white checkerboard."

  • The 6 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress (2010-11-24 11:04:43)
    Webreference: "A great way to increase the popularity of your blog is by using other forms of social media to promote it. Wordpress has many plugins to help you with this endeavor."

  • Tuxtorial - An easy way to create and share tutorials for GNU/Linux (2010-11-24 03:04:43)
    Tuxtorial: Tuxtorial makes it easy to write and share tutorials for software in Linux. An intuitive desktop application helps you gather screenshots, code fragments, and outputs from shell commands...