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Developer Linux News for Dec 10, 2010

  • AMD's Linux Team Takes Another Blow (2010-12-10 23:04:28)
    Phoronix: "The Catalyst Linux driver is now largely on-par with the AMD Windows driver (except with areas like XvBA for video acceleration), but today AMD's Linux team is facing a new loss."

  • Optimizing MySQL Query Retrieval Speed Through Table Joins (2010-12-10 22:34:28)
    Database Journal: "A poorly optimized query can become the bottleneck in an otherwise highly optimized process. In many cases, the source of the slow performance is improper table joining in the WHERE clause. With that in mind, this article looks at ways to optimize table joins for speedy data retrieval." Link fixed --ed.

  • The Introduction of APACHE Wave (2010-12-10 16:04:28)
    MWD: "The non-profit organization Apache software foundation has accepted the Google wave into the incubator program. The foundation has a reputation for raring up communities that create software."

  • Apache is being forced into a Java Fork (2010-12-10 13:34:28)
    ZDNet: "Everyone who follows Java knew that the Apache Software Foundation was going to resign from its nominal Java Community Process leadership position."

  • Expert Says Goldman Code Contained Open-Source Software (2010-12-10 13:04:28)
    The Wall Street Journal: "The proprietary source code a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. programmer is accused of stealing contains a good bit of software that's freely available on the Internet, a defense witness testified on Wednesday."

  • Death by Open Source (2010-12-10 09:04:09)
    Open Source Exposed: "The article reveals Scott McNeally's, founder of Sun, thoughts on open source and how it caused the collapse of Sun Microsystems."

  • Who�s to Blame for the Linux Kernel? (2010-12-10 05:04:09)
    Linux Magazine: "Ever wonder who contributes the most to the Linux kernel? Of course you have. Here's a hint: It's not Canonical, certainly not Microsoft, and you might be surprised which companies crack the top 20 and where." Link fixed --ed.