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Developer Linux News for Dec 14, 2010

  • Linux Embeds Itself Yet Further (2010-12-14 21:03:33)
    Computerworld UK: "One of the many confusingly-similar groups in the open source space is Linaro: a Not For Profit (NFP) organization that aims to make embedded open source development easier and faster."

  • Chrome Browser, OS Updated for Security (2010-12-14 20:33:33)
    eSecurity Planet: "One of the high impact flaws only affects 64-bit Linux builds of Chrome with a bad validation issue for message deserialization."

  • The Linux Kernel�s Impact on the Desktop User Experience (2010-12-14 20:03:33)
    The VAR Guy: "To illustrate this point, let's take a look at some recently introduced features in the Linux kernel, and what they mean for the desktop user experience."

  • Why Mozilla doesn't back Free Flash players (2010-12-14 19:33:33)
    Network World : "Despite Apple's best efforts to make it go away, the Web is still littered with Flash-based sites and content."

  • Chrome OS: Please Don�t Open the Hood (2010-12-14 19:03:33)
    Datamation: "However, those close-ups can be harder to see than you might expect. Since Google is not releasing any official downloads, you need to either compile your own code, or to sort through the unofficial releases until you find one that is not only reasonably current, but whose source also seems trustworthy."

  • 56 Open Source Replacements for Popular Web Development and Design Tools (2010-12-14 16:33:33)
    Datamation: "Open source Web development tools have come a long way. The open source community offers a huge array of applications that are useful to Web developers and designers. In many cases, these open source tools are even more widely used than their closed source counterparts"

  • FSF essay argues freedom over quality (2010-12-14 15:33:33)
    IT World: "Getting into the middle of a discussion on the virtues of open source versus free software is about as smart as trying to reconcile the two major US political parties at this point in history--in other words, a fool's errand."

  • What the forums search can do for you (2010-12-14 15:03:33)
    KDE Community Forums: "This time i would like to write about a very underestimated feature of the KDE Community Forums, because i am pretty sure most of you don't even know what it can do for you."

  • Netflix Opens up About Open Source (2010-12-14 14:03:33)
    Computerworld UK: "Even though it is generally accepted that open source is used widely throughout the business world, it doesn't hurt having a few high-profile examples to point to when people doubt its suitability for this role."

  • Should Developers Be Allowed to Talk to Customers? (2010-12-14 11:03:33)
    Datamation: "An effort to get a developer to speak directly to a customer didn't go so well. Was it the developer's fault?"

  • Announcing Fuduntu 14.7 (2010-12-14 07:03:33)
    ~/Blog: "I would like to announce the immediate release of Fuduntu Linux version 14.7. This version brings minor changes to the OS defaults, and fixes a few bugs. All changes released in the ISOs are available as updates to current Fuduntu users"