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Developer Linux News for Dec 16, 2010

  • The Linux 2.6.37 Kernel Nears Completion (2010-12-16 22:34:24)
    Phoronix: "This seventh release candidate to the Linux 2.6.37 kernel is just packing regression fixes as it nears completion."

  • Touching the X11 (2010-12-16 21:34:24)
    Qt Labs Blog: "The new X11 protocol for delivering touch data was made as an evolution of the XInput protocol – XInput 2.1 and the experimental server-side implementation is on its way. Here in Qt we have decided to give it a try and recently I've added a branch of Qt implementing parts of the specification."

  • System call fuzzing continued. (2010-12-16 20:34:24)
    codemonkey.org.uk: "Work is ongoing on the system call fuzzer I wrote about last month. Since I initially talked about it, it's found a few more bugs."

  • Can Android do Serious Linux Work, or is it Just a Toy? (2010-12-16 18:34:24)
    Linux Planet: "The Linux-based Android is the hot new mobile platform, but is it more than an entertainment device? Can it do remote server administration? What about the also red-hot iPad?"

  • Debian 6.0 �Squeeze� To Come With A Completely Free Linux Kernel (2010-12-16 16:34:33)
    Digitizor: "The Debian Project has announced that the upcoming release – Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" – will have a completely free Linux kernel. This means that the Linux kernel which ships with Debian 6.0 will not have any non-free firmware."

  • OpenBSD backdoored by the FBI? (2010-12-16 07:04:33)
    Netstat -vat: "The open source OpenBSD operating system may have been infected by a backdoor setup by the FBI."

  • Can Open Source Be Trusted? (2010-12-16 00:04:33)
    Computerworld UK: "Unfortunately, de Raadt raises the disturbing possibility that there is a big problem with part of OpenBSD - and one that undermines that "emphasis on security" in a deeply troubling way"