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Developer Linux News for Dec 22, 2010

  • Allegations of OpenBSD Backdoors May be True, Updated (2010-12-22 20:32:15)
    Linux Journal: "It was just last week that Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD founder and developer, posted an email that claimed the Federal Bureau of Investigations paid OpenBSD developers to leave backdoors in its IPSEC network security stack."

  • MidgardCR 10.12 "Hrungnir" released (2010-12-22 18:32:15)
    Midgard: "The Midgard Project has released the first release of the third generation of the Midgard Content Repository."

  • OpenBSD chief believes contractor tried to write backdoors (2010-12-22 17:32:15)
    IT World: "The lead developer of the OpenBSD operating system says that he believes that a government contracting firm that contributed code to his project "was probably contracted to write backdoors," which would grant secret access to encrypted communications."

  • 10 Ways Git Version Control Can Streamline Your Writing Projects (2010-12-22 01:32:15)
    Developer.com: "Establishing a rigorous version control process is a standard part of any software project, and Git is a powerful system for enabling such version control. But Git's advantages extend beyond just software development."