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Developer Linux News for Feb 08, 2011

  • Debian Linux was important: Will it continue to be? (2011-02-08 23:34:32)
    ZDNet: "When I asked the rhetorical question, "Is Debian Linux still relevant?" I knew I'd cause a ruckus. But, I also felt the question needed to be asked: For Debian's own good. Seriously."

  • Interview with Richard Stallman (2011) (2011-02-08 19:34:32)
    Tildehash "Richard M. Stallman (born March 16, 1953), often shortened to RMS, is an American software freedom activist and computer programmer. In September 1983, he launched the GNU Project to create a free Unix-like operating system"

  • Creating sprites with Blender and Gimp (2011-02-08 18:34:32)
    flagrantdisregard: "I've been using simple placeholder images for my game so that I could work on gameplay. But I'm getting to a point now where I think I've got the core of the game nearly complete and I need more than just placeholders."

  • Camp KDE 2011 & Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (2011-02-08 15:04:32)
    The H Open: "The KDE developers have announced Camp KDE 2011 which will be held at the Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, California, on 4 and 5 April."

  • OpenSceneGraph: Methods for Improving Rendering Efficiency (2011-02-08 14:34:32)
    Packt: "Real-time rendering is in quite demand in computer science today, and OpenSceneGraph, being one of the best 3D graphics toolkits, is being used widely in the fields of virtual reality, scientific visualization, visual simulation, modeling, games, mobile applications, and so on."

  • Debian 6.0 Breaks Free of Restrictive Licenses (2011-02-08 14:04:32)
    PC World: "The new Debian release is notable in many ways, not least of which is that it is the first version ever to incorporate an entirely free Linux kernel, using only software published under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or other free licenses compliant with the official Open Source Definition."

  • Ubuntu font on show at the Design Museum, London (2011-02-08 13:34:32)
    Linux User and Developer: "The Ubuntu font goes on display at London's Design Museum, along with world-renowned type designer Bruno Maag's Shape My Language installation"

  • ... if you thought 4.6.0 was good (2011-02-08 06:04:32)
    aseigo: "I'm really happy with how the number of bug reports coming in is not a massive deluge of different bugs, but mostly just endless repetition of the same handful."

  • Greg Taylor Discusses Media Nommer with Ubuntu's Ahmed Kamal (2011-02-08 04:34:32)
    Ubuntu User: "Ahmed Kamal, the Ubuntu cloud community liaison interviews Greg Taylor to discuss "media-nommer" an open-source cloud based distributed media encoding system that runs over the Ubuntu server platform over Amazon EC2."

  • Command Substitution in a Bash Shell Script (2011-02-08 03:04:32)
    Bashshell.net: "Command substitution is when you take the output of one command and use it as the argument for another command. If you simply invoke the date utility, you'll get the following output."

  • 10 Git Version Control Utilities to Make You More Effective (2011-02-08 00:04:32)
    Developer.com: "I'm one of many developers who really enjoy using the Git version control system. A Git Groupie, if you will. It's one of those software projects that just feels right practically from the very first commit."